Copper Gets Off

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by blonde_guy, Mar 31, 2010.

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  1. :police:

    I say good on him, he deserved to get off.
  2. Well if you want to spaff in your pants and beating skinny ugly bints is your thang then good luck to him.
  3. The woman sounds like a real d!ickhead, and I'd be fine if they'd have shot the bitch.
  4. So he's caught on numerous cameras and seen by countless witnesses beating a small woman with a fruit juice carton in her hand and he gets away with it?

    Fuck it, I'm joining plod! :policeflat:
  5. Delroy Smellie ???Surely that's punishment enough.
  6. Yeh, that'll teach her to wield a carton of orange juice in a threatening manner.
  7. I bet his old man read VIZ !
  8. My understanding is he was indeed filmed...however he was cut off from his guys, and the footage was edited so as not to show all the abuse etc. thrown at him.

    Many witnesses even phoned the IPCC to report the woman as being over aggressive and playing up to the cameras, saying the treatment in the media of the policeman was unfair.

    Police 1 Hippies 0 :twisted:
  9. Chuffed to bits, she was acting in a threatening and abusive manner and the left wing bitch got what she deserved. Pity it hadn't been a baton round to her head.. bet she's UAF too! least she understands what its like to be on the receiving end of violence now!
  10. Although obviously coming from the grubby hippy,Delroy took offence when members of the public asked wtf is that Smellie stench!!!!!!!!!!
  11. From the BBC:

    "Ms Fisher decided not to give evidence at the trial because she feared her lifestyle may be raised by the defence."

    What the heck was/is she up to then?
  12. unfortunatly hippy managed to get £26k for her story
    did'nt turn up in court as the defence might have a go at her lifestylemore like the DSS might ask harsh questions about here ablity to work :x

    fuck I'm off to the next smash edo demo find a copper whose game 50/50 split thats 13k bargin even better if I can get beat up by a wpc sexual fantasy and a shed load of cash:twisted:
  13. Am I missing something? Why is it the "CONTROVERSIAL" Tactical Support Group :?
  14. Good.

    Plod 1, UAF bootbitch 0.
  15. Well she got off lightly. Imagine the kicking she would have got had she been a white, middle-aged magistrate from Gloucestershire!