Copper bombed in Randalstown.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Jan 8, 2010.

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  1. Can't have happened, Gorden and Tony told me that the troubles were over, honist
  2. I hope he is ok but bad drills that man, there has been a warning out from mid december that the cnuts were planning something for the christmas period, should have been checking his vechicle for UVIEDS
  3. Bad drills my arrse, bad luck more like. It's an old saying but they only need to be lucky once. Times change and I am sure he wishes he had checked but he didn't not bad drill just changing times. Our scum bag politicians now allow the old boys free run of parliament it's only a matter of time.
    Get well soon mate
  4. Thankful it wasnt fatal.
  5. Randalstown was a strange place to work in. It has a mixed population, and doesn't feel very dangerous, but every so often a serious attack happened. Whereas down the road in Toome it was 99.9% republican so you were more alert and as a consequence we were attacked less there. Lots of part-time security forces people lived around Randalstown, and I can see how your guard could get dropped.
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  6. However, it is only minutes from Massareene barracks - most likely the same ASU are involved, although no-one has claimed 'credit' yet
  7. Ive been over N.I. for nearly a year now and i hear of the bombs being found, the ATM machines being robbed, the illegal VCP's etc.. but when i mooched back over to the mainland during crimbo....not a word in the press, no one knew about it. If this was to happen in Manchester there would be murder to play !
  8. We do not know what this victims drills were. What we do know is that diligence may save a life in a particular instance. However the determined terrorist has many targets to choose from. It therefore becomes somewhat of a lottery when the "dicker(s)" report on the (closely observed) actions of the potential victim. Let`s say there is one device and three choice targets - obviously the person making least apparant effort is likely to be chosen.
    However it is not easy to check every part of a car and its surroundings on a cold dark winter morning while being aware you are probably being observed closely by someone who, while not the actual bomber, is quite happy to describe in detail to a potential killer the actions you take to protect yourself.
    A friend always carefully and thoroughly checked his car only to be badly injured by a device made to look like the broken building block he used to prop his gateway open. It activated when he moved it aside with his foot in the semi-dawn. The "dicker" was a neighbour who had apparantly watched closely morning after morning from his bedroom window noting every action of someone with whom he was on first name terms. This indicated to the bomber that it was clear that a device in/on the car would be spotted. However the brick/block was a weak point in the defences of the target. Similar non-vehicle devices in gardens and driveways had a variety of "successes" (from the point of view of the terrorist).

    While there may appear fewer "soft" targets now than in the `70`s to `90`s there are still sufficient to give the would-be terrorist plenty of scope.
    Perhaps a few - slightly scaled down maybe - "Loughgall Drills" would help.
  9. Best wishes for rapid and full recovery from across the pond.

    Odd thing is, from the reports he was RC, active in GAA sports, Irish speaking and relatives involved in SF.

    The PSNI officer killed some months ago was also RC. Are the (P/C/R)IRA targeting RC's as "traitors" or are dissident Loyalists targeting RC PSNI.

    I just hope it does not kick off again. Nice area, nice people and lovely scenery but I won't go as a tourist to areas with a lot of shootings and bombings.
  10. Can't allow anything to de-rail the peace process. If it's not publicised it didn't happen. Apparently. We're now at a stage where due to the failure to recognise the threat these clowns pose, never mind deal with them they have been allowed to reorganise, recruit and re-arm. Just my opinion however. Sure what would I know.
  11. It is very much the DRs targetting Catholic officers. They can't portray the PSNI as an unrepresentative and sectarian force when lots of Catholics join it so attacking them first is an attempt to discourage other Catholics from joining.

    It is exactly the same tactic as used by PIRA in the early 70s when Catholic members of the RUC and UDR were priority targets. Which makes listening to the statements of "condemnation" from PSF representatives particularly sickening.
  12. History answers your question David BOC.
    Roman Catholics who served "The Crown" were always targets of extreme Republicanism, no amount of cross-community action would protect them. Read Dan Breen's "My fight for Irish Freedom" for example. The instinctive hostility of Republicanism to someone who serves "The Crown" blinds them to the negativity of such an attitude - adding to the factors contributing to the failure of successive campaigns down the years. One of the constables murdered in the 1956 - 62 terrorism was Catholic. (One major part of the Patton "reforms" was the removal of every sign that the Police Service of Northern Ireland might have a connection with "The Crown"; naivety in the extreme!).
    Dissident Loyalists however would gain nothing from a campaign which atacks the PSNI - even the "mad dogs" of the `70's - if they were still around!
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    spike7451 RIP

  14. I hear the poor fella is likely to lose his legs, especially cruel to an active sportsman. I was however told "he'll do" which means he's expected to live.

    God help him.

    Get better soon mate, a much braver man than me.

    And FWIW, Randalstown can be well dodgy. I used to see a girl from there, and it has a goodly number of extreme chucks.