Copped this from Phillibuster just then

Hello members,

As no doubt you all will have noticed, the forum has gotten out of
hand, with spam, abuse and junk etc...

Well we have cleared out the forum, deleted 3000 posts, and banned and
deleted around 60% of the offending members.

We hope you will return to the forum, and enjoy what will be a pleasant
fansite from now on.

On another note Ricky and Primey have jointly taken over Phill's role
on the site, as he is now working on other projects. Needless to say he
will still pop in for the occasional chat no doubt!

Thank-You for your time

NOW don't you all just feel sooo bad about ousting Philly from his 'lucrative' role as UF Admin?? :roll:

HELL NO?!! Carry on as you were :D :D :D :D

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