Coping with SA (90) M

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Me!_Amph!!, Aug 27, 2008.

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  1. Now that SA (90) M is here, I was wondering how everyone is coping with the running of Dry Training Exercise. In particular Exercises at about Coy/Sqn Level or even Bn/Regt level.

    I know it is easy to conform to the requirements at low level but, what problems have you came up against whilst Planning and Running the larger scale multiple scenario type Exercises.

    I ask this because I will be moving into a Job where I may be asked to paricipate in the planing/running of this larger type of Exercise.

  2. The actually qual is SA(M)07. Sorry to be a pedant.
  3. I'm on the course in Nov.

    Anyone else done it yet?
  4. No you are absolutely right. I stand corrected.

  5. whos running the course?
  6. SASC.
  7. i could say whah and this point, but what i want to know is what bde's are running it?
  8. They all are.

    Get in touch with your loca(ish) school and ask for dates.
  9. Did it a few months back. Good, well ran course if you have never done anything along those lines before, ie- planning and conducting battle lessons and battle exercises. You will need to write up lesson plans and also an EASP, no real dramas but a couple of lads were told to re-write theirs for some pretty simple mistakes. There is also an open book PAM test, piece of cake as it's open book.
  10. Sounds funnily like the RMQ..................
  11. Quite a lot of similarity in the both of them heid. EASP is similar, just run with the one in the PAM and you cant go wrong.
  12. ok whats the crack with this course for the TA, my Bde (49) are not running the course at the mo yet?, anyone know of any dates , contact info?
  13. I've done loads of RASP's and EASP's in the past so shouldn't be a problem.

    You do a Pam 21 open book test on the RMQ aswell, probably the same one.
  14. I have also , but just need to get on a course?
  15. Speak to your Training Wing, they should have all the dates/contact info.