Coping with ill health

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by DieHard, Oct 22, 2012.

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  1. From Various posts and some pm's I have noticed that amongst the rank and file of Arrse there are some people with some serious health issues.
    I myself have had kidney problems which were then overtaken by heart problems including 5 heart attacks in the last 3 years, with atrial fibulation and heart failure thrown in on top of the heart disease I often wonder how I am still here.
    Over the last few years it has been really difficult coping with this problem, from the lack of mobility and the effects it has on family and friends.
    This in it turn created psycological problems related to the illness and coping mechanisms.
    What I would like to know is how others cope with similar problems.
    I have been through the self pity stage and the angry stage and am constantly trying to move forward, its not easy because my problem can't be fixed and sometime, like today for instance, it consumes you and drives you mad.
    I have been sitting here with a hr of about 140 bpm in af for most of the day it has been painfull.
    I know that I should of gone to the hospital and probably should do as I write this, but after 12 admissions so far this year I really can't be bothered.
    I know this is wrong but I feel like I can't put my family through all the trouble again, and some deep part of the brain
    wants the worst to happen while the sensible bit says to get urgent medical attention.
    If you have an illness how do you cope with it?
    Do you have your own set of rules that keeps you going?
    What I'm trying to do is to find a way to make life easier for my family and myself.
    This is not in the naffi bar and I have had to think long and hard before starting this thread.
  2. Diehard, I consider myself really lucky, in as much as i smoke / drink / shag and I'm in my early 50s but, so far (touch wood) have avoided any serious problems. However, I realise that it is only a matter of time before life / nature fucks me over. Good post mate, and I'm truly sorry about your condition.
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  3. Phone an ambulance mate, get yourself checked out.
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  4. How bloody stupid of me, Yep, do as Jarrod asks DH, ring an ambulance, if it's not you they're out for they'll just be wasting their time on some bloody Chav so do it.
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  5. Thanks and long may you live the high life
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  6. Get to hospital. Ambulance is the way forward at the very least you don't have to put your family "through the trouble" of driving you there.

    AND it'll make you feel better

    I've got two long term diagnosis and have in the last two years have had two "emergency" stays in hospital for two unrelated medical emergencies

    I ******* hate anyone fannying around me when I've ended up in hospital. I prefer to just get on with it, no visitors etc

    I also wilfully ******* ignore specialist advice not to do certain activities and aggressively seek out the most effective treatment for my issues

    Having said that I've not got a cardiac problem!!!! which would annoy/scare the **** out of me

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  7. I am not sure there is any hard or fast rule.

    My wife has just gone through 2 1/2 years dealing with breast cancer. We are now 4 operations in, chemo and radiotherapy out of the way. Just when we thought light was at the end of the tunnel more tumors had to be removed. It has meant many hospital trips and all the bollox that went with the chemo. It has not all been doom and gloom, who knew eyebrows and lashes kept rain out of your eyes.

    Friends and family have been supportive, however its been down to me most of the time. She went through stages not wanting to see anyone or not being able to see anyone, hence we have missed social events that have made be a bit resentful at times, a selfish attitude but there you go. On the other side of the coin I have had to suck up all her anger that's been directed at me as she was so frustrated by it all.

    As I said no rules, its down to the individuals, good luck and keep positive, which I know can be difficult.
    There is one option which I can sometimes do and that is to double up on some of the medication for a one off dose, and use some really strong pain killers. if that does not settle it within the next few hours then I will get down there.
    I try not to use pain relief though because it can mask some problems.
    Just to make things more depressing my Mrs is ill in bed with food poisoning.. I almost got her.
    This is also why I am so reluctant to present my dieing swan impersonation at casualty
  9. Like the Gimp says Get to the Hospital, I ignored symptoms that I knew should have been sorted, which led to an emergency admission and surgery in the most embarrising place.
  10. No don't tinker with the dose dial 999
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  11. Dont do 999 instead...then come back and post tomorrow so we know how you are.
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  12. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    rapid heart rate is symptomatic of many things though, what else is there - are you running a fever, feeling dizzy, got the shits, been drinking etc.. mind you with that history what size boots do you take?

    casualties also have an out of hours GP which would be less drama.

    or you could stop watching the porn free for all while the wife is unlikely to catch you hard at it. :)
  13. I'm in good health but my Grandmother who lives with us isnt. On average she's admitted to A&E every couple of months usually because of Angina or her Atrial Fibrilation. Along with Epilepsy and numerous less serious but together very awkward illnesses she takes a lot of care between me and my mother. Being a bit of a monster by nature and not the nicest person she can be very very tiring to care for. Her often reluctance to seek medical help when ill (due in no small degree to a fear of hospital after a botched Angiogram) it can be tiring for us all. However I wouldnt abandon my duty of care to her for all the world and despite the fact we barely speak, let alone civilly I know it'll break my heart when she eventually passes away. This last point is why I say....... Stop worrying bout the 'dying swan' stuff and get yourself checked out as your family can deal with that, you dying because of the one time you chose not to goto hospital because you dont want to make a fuss will break there hearts. So go friend and be checked out (and if you are lucky, probed)
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  14. No, look at his history. Ambulance, no ******* about.
  15. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    true it is impressive but I'd hate to see him embarrassed because he miscounted.

    I would have though he would be on a beta blocker allready.