Coping with Bereavement

My bosses daughter is an NGO aid worker worker with World Vision covering about 5 African Countries, Senegal, Malawi, Chad etc.

Prior to that she was with the UN in Kosovo.

She is in her late 20yrs and a very committed good egg.

One of her closest friends from her Kosovo days had moved on to Kabul as an NGO and was killed in the suicide bomb at the hotel 2 weeks ago. She was over in Africa at the time and stayed on.

She has arrived home on the verge of a nervous breakdown and can't seem to cope or come to terms with a peaceful NGO getting killed by terrorists.

Her mom (my boss) is at her wits end and has asked me to help or find some documents/literature that she could give to the daughter. I have have trawled the 'net for the last couple of hours looking for a simplistic document on coping with bereavement after the loss of a loved one/friend at the hands of a terrorist but it was mostly highbrow medical psychiatrist ramblings. Maybe I am looking in the wrong areas or not getting the correct words/phrases into google (I type like Stephen Hawkins)

If anybody has any decent links or documents could they either please post them here or PM me.

Many thanks in advance

Poppy said:
Mrs Forn went to cruse berevement counciling after her dad died. I have always been secptical of counciling in general, but this really worked for her after she had done all her sessions she was back to her old self it was like a weight lifted from her shoulders.

I wish your bosses daughter good luck
Its best your boss take her daughter to her general practitioner ,where they can refer her to a specialist in this field .
Many thanks for the PM's and links.

She is seeing a GP on Wednesday.



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