Coping with being away

Bit of advice if possible..

I've recently started a twelve week tour with a private Military Company, I've got the first few weeks out of the way, but find it harder than I anticipated being away, I wondered if anyone had any tips or good strategies for coping? All of a sudden a week seems like a very long time!

I've been away before, however I now have a young daughter, I think that this has made it harder to be away. I suppose I've got ten weeks left to push, afer which I'll decide if it's worth continuing with this type of work.

Just wondered if anyone had similar experiences or and pearls of wisdom?
Keep yourself busy. Every job (military or otherwise) can involve stints away form home at some point, so keep yourself mentally and physically busy. Establish a decent routine, before you know it days will meld into weeks and months.
In these difficult days a job is a job. As you say 'man up', keep doing the 'phys' and try reading things you might never have thought of before. Certain books and different newspapers.
I sympathyse fella, I am at the end of a 4 1/2 yrs in Iraq and I am threaders with it. I came back a month ago with the fullest intentions to not return, gave kit away etc, but as my return date looms there are no jobs available in UK for my talents, I am considered either too qualified or too military-fied with not enough UK commercial experience. The thought of having to return fills me with dread for no reason other than I am leaving my two small kids behind. I am 3/4 through a degree and have two diplomas under my belt plus a heap of other 'on-line' courses that helped the time away but I am simply fatigued with it now.
Get into phys/education and I found contacting home only once a week was better than daily too. Good luck and stay safe.
I deploy on the 16 Sept, and I'm leaving my 4 year old son which I know is going to be hard, but I know that I'm going for the right reasons, which will improve our lives. So I'm just going to knuckle down and get on with it and hope I'm not to bored.

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