Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by outsider_1970, May 5, 2010.

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  1. Am I right in thinking that the COPF still exists, ie the CO gets some money to dish out based on the number of people in the regiment. If so, does it apply to all personnel serving, or are attached personnel excluded from the calculations?
  2. To the best of my knowledge, and although I'm not a clerk, I have had some experience with getting Coy's to spend this fund, the total amount is per soldier according to the 8005 giving a total sum.

    Hope this helps, and if I'm wrong - a thousand apologies...
  3. thanks, i think you are right, i'm just not sure if it is everyone on the 8005 or one of those regimental only things, ie doesn't include attached arms. No-one seems to know for sure!
  4. COPF is paid per head of unit strength, not establishment, regardless of capbadge and is used to buy items not available via normal G4 supply chain for the good and benefit of the unit! There is also "Enhanced COPF" - just over £30 per head per year to be used for team building, etc. Your FSA should be able to give you the gen.

  5. Thanks, that is really useful, so if you are officially on strength you qualify? Thats useful info, and not what i was led to believe. I will try again at work tomorrow, armed with this info i might make better headway! thanks again
  6. If you don't get anywhere come back to me on here and I will dig out chapter & verse.

  7. thank you very much
  8. How did you get on?
  9. Thanks, I did check up. Apparantly the way it works at our place is if someone wants an element of the higher level COPF for an activity they apply to the CO (ie to support a team-building exercise etc). He decides if it is within the rules and also if he supports spending the money like that. I haven't made an application but I was warned that the money was already mostly committed to a couple of activities which are solely for the main unit capbadge, so I am not holding my breath! Thanks for you help though, you were spot on.
  10. As this is a per capita allowance all members of the unit should be able to attend activities planned not just the main capbadge - anything less than this could be construed as fraud!!

  11. so, if for example there are 100 people in the unit and the enhanced COPF is £30, the CO gets £3000. If the unit chooses to support a sporting event which is regimental (ie corps cross-country) which is only open to the main capbadge, is that OK, or should every soldier get £30 spent on them?
  12. Does this apply to Independant sub-unit sized organiations ? A constant bug-bear in my current job is the lack of any sort of slush-fund. Everything we do has to be run past Bde, which is insane when the numbers involved are generally just a few quid. Tends to mean that its not worth the hassle so people either don't bother or pay fro stuff themselves.
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    So much for Mission Command...
  14. Good questiion! I think true independent sub-units are rare, I can only think of bde signal squadrons. I thought their OC had COs powers so if a CO gets COPF so should they - but I'm not an expert!
  15. I work in an independant sub-unit, and we do indeed get a COPF, as we are just about to spend a load of it on a company function (it can't be used for alcohol though).

    If you dig out the JSP dealing with Public funds (i think) or Finance/Accounting it was a page detailing exactly what you can/can't spend it on in a very clear manner.