Copehill Down map Rqd...

How quickly do you want it. We have a good air photo type image with pretty good clarity of the village at work?
cheers for the offer trelawney but axeman has excelled himself...I've got a hi-res google world image and a nice A4 sized village layout (which is what I was after)...

We have a package at CD next month, so I was after a map that can be laminated (or whatever)...Ref attacking and defending, We'll def. be attacking, but some of us will be defending so if you have any other interesting bits it would be much me.

Cheers again boys.

Which exercise is that part of if you don't mind me asking?

Might be exercising with/against you?
Guys, apologies for being a bore. The map of CD will probably be 'Limited Distribution' - this is for a reason - it contains sensitive information. If the postal address for brocky is a mil bks the fine - if not then suggest he contacts MOD Map Depot for a copy.
If you have a package at Copehill you will receive such mapping as you require.
Thats what I'm worries fella's, I was just wanting to be pro-active. I've got what I wanted already, so thanks for all the effort.

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