Copas Turkey

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by slipperman, Nov 7, 2011.

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  1. We've decided to ring the changes for Crimbo this year and have ordered a Copas Turkey from the local butcher. Very pricey, but seem to have a good reputation for welfare/flavour etc. Anyone had any first hand experience of this variety?
  2. Yes. Used to have a Copas bird from my local butchers for years until two Christmases ago when, appalled at the cost, bought a sodding great frozen one from Tesco for about a quarter of the price.

    I cook the turkey outside each year in my Weber barbeque which imparts a wonderful flavour to what is otherwise a generally tasteless meat. The frozen ones (properly thawed) are just as good as any poncy tree-hugging variety.

    Last year I waited until as late as I could before I bought the frozen clucker - result: special offer - two for the price of one! Happy ******* Christmas all round!
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  3. Thanks, Queensman. The Copas is on order now, so it is shit or bust. For the price, I am expecting a massive improvement in flavour and texture. For the last 4 or 5 years, we have ordered an organic Turkey from M&S, which are not cheap either, but last year it tasted pretty bland. I like the idea of chucking the bird into the Weber - I assume it is cooked "indirectly"?
  4. Turkey no matter what anyone says isn't as nice as chicken - buy a big chicken or buy two chickens. I never buy Turkey it's just bland and dry no matter how it's cooked.
  5. Best turkey I ever had by far was from a farm in Hungary around 1994 - I was living in Budapest at the time.

    But it's worth bearing in mind that, shortly after that, most Hungarian poultry farms were bought out by Bernard Matthews .......... I don't want to really think about it.
  6. Go Goose, its lovely and you can save the fat to make Roast spuds for the rest of the year :)
    Cook it breast side up and then flip it onto the other breast side up that way it self bastes and doesn't dry out as you cook it.
  7. 'Indirectly' - absolutely correct! If you've got a Weber that'll take a turkey, try it! Years ago I gave up with turkey on the big day and for ages we had goose. But the arrival of children and in-laws and other such hungry hangers-on meant there wasn't enough to go round. The Weber imparts a wonderful smokey depth to the bird, the meat goes a pinky colour and the whole thing is quicker!

    Protect the flanks with some foil and start it off with lots of good quality dry cured bacon over the top (this can be eaten too - in fact there's usually a fight for it!).

    Another bonus is, it frees up the oven in the cookhouse for the Fuhrer to do the veg. The downside is lurking around the garden in subzero temperatures clad in a dressing gown, gumboots and a stout hat, whilst you fire the ****** up. The chippolatas etc all go in too and the gravy is delicious, made from the juices caught in the drip pan below. Shit, you've made me hungry now.
  8. Beef for me this year.
  9. Slow roast in a closed roasting dish at 130C for around 6-8 hours. Lots of spuds, bacon, chipolatas, carrots and onions chucked in there with it, a little sherry and a bit of stock. It'll stay moist, and juicy and the meat is so tender it falls apart when you try to carve. You can brown it under a grill for ten minutes once it's all done. Remove the bacon, spuds and so on first and chuck in hot oil to crisp up a bit. The gravy is plentiful and worth the long cooking time.
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  10. I'd rather eat chicken or beef either tastes nice.
  11. I'd rather eat muff but the question is with regard to Copas Turkey.....always cook my Turkey upside down and then brown off last 30 mins proper way up, plenty of flavour and juicy.....gravy is awesome as is muff if you can get some on xmas morning....
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  12. As above - go goose.

    I got fed up with the blandness of 'ordinary' turkey a few years ago and bought a really top notch turkey at an equally top notch price. It was a bit better but it still had more in common with cotton wool than a decent bit of meat.

    So I tried a free range goose and what a revelation it was.

    Plus turkeys are all a bit American, goose has the proper ring of Xmas about it.
  13. I love a bit of chicken. Nowt worse than dried up old meat.
  14. Agreed! Trouble is: Mrs GB always dishes up meat that is dried up - not cooked properly otherwise. The number of steaks she has ruined ........ I gave up trying to persuade her differently a long time ago.
  15. So would I, but failing that I would settle for a nice joint of beef on Xmas day. The first Xmas in HM towers when Mrs H_m 1st cooked turkey was a complete ******* disaster; in fact, the only person who ate anything was my sister's carrot-crunching husband. The rest of us were sick...for days. I have never eaten turkey at Xmas since.