True story this.

Was sitting in the pub one day when a Scottish mate came over.
"Eh, ye can speak a few languages, Dae ye ken any German?"
"Yeah, a bit, why?"
"Ah've got these 2 German boys, students like, stayin at mah place an they willnae get up in the mornin. Whit can ah say tae them?"
" You could try ' Raus, fruhstuck!"
" Aye, right, whit does that mean, like?"
"Sort of Get up! It's breakfast time!"
"Aye great" Repeats it a few times to get it right, and then I say:
" Oh, and by the way Jamie, another good one is " Ich bin schvool"
"Oh good! What does that one mean then?"
" I'm very angry or pssed off"
" That'll come in handy, ta"
A couple of days later and Jamie comes up to me again and asks
" Er, whit does that 'Ich bin schvool" mean, again?"
" Why do you ask that/" I say, fluttering eyelids.
"Cause ah said it tae they boys an they've been like really strange wi me ever since."
" Well actually Jamie, it's Kraut slang for I'm gay"
Oh, did I enjoy that!!!

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