Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mrs Dow, Jun 29, 2011.

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  1. Hello hello is this thing working? rummage rummage fcuking computers rummage rummage click click rummage favourites... rummage.. I love alex facebook jarrod loves click.... fat and sweaty mingers,com... boys in ah arrse I wonder if these are those nice new friends peter likes to play with.

    HELLO CAN YOU HEAR ME? is this working. Saddam Saddam where are you I cant tell if its working, dont you call me a daft old slapper its not my fault he's gone off again and with one of your people.. okay not one of your people he's pashtun and your paki okay okay I get it how does this thing work then, I cant do that it looks like one of my love eggs only bigger, you cant tell me that makes it work... what wiggle it about? well it makes the love eggs work better I'll admit but ah I see oh you move it about and the little cock shaped thing on the screen says were you are going. clever this cuntputing stuff. What? oh right, post new topic okay AHHHH! its a white screen what do I do now.. oh right type.

    Dear BBC please bring back Dr Findlays casebook oh no hang on thats not it what was I going to say? Saddam wheres me pills I'm having a turn.. try the top shelf where peter cant reach...thats them I'll have seven.

    Thats better.

    Hello everyone I wonder if you can help me.

    My little boy has gone missing...what ..a photo.. okay hang on hold it up and I'll selotape it to the screen unknown.jpg there done.

    He's a good boy really except for that issue with the cub scouts but they didnt have a register then so it okay really.

    He went out this morning with his two new little friends, another peter and some boy who looked like he needed a wash just like peters stepdad Saddam, anyway I digress I've checked everywhere he usually goes even that play pen the council put up for him near arthurs seat. He looked ever so smart in his special jacket and placard (sewed all those badges on himself you know, not much blood either)

    He's a loverly boy really and just like his dad....see scotland.jpg

    love and kisses Olive Dow nee Hussein
  2. Mrs Dow,
    Do you do anal?
  3. C+, could try harder
  4. oooh you cheeky thing, ah but when I was a wee young thing and his dad and the band visited I did a thing or two I can tell you. Dreghorn barracks Coldstream guards band spit roast 1960.. oh the memories, dont tell young peter though as I'm not sure if his dad wasnt from london. still his step dad saddam treats him like his own, beats him regular, works him in the shop all hours and makes him do a paper round 7 days a week.
  5. Can I cum on your tits
  6. oooh fancy... you are a forward young man...single I assume..hmmm no woman in your life.... Have you met my peter? he's a loverly boy got this own hair an teeth in a jar by the bed but cant find a woman to love him Peter Dow is single and looking for a woman and his bebo site is pretty bare as well, a nice young man for company is what he needs.. well not that young.. that would be like micheal barrymore or that elton fellow... its just not right if you ask me but these modern ways.... Do you look like john innman? my peter allways liked him running around the estate shouting 'I'm free' at everyone and everything.It wasnt right what that school did to him not right at all, no child should start higher school in his thirties.

    where were we - oh yes tits, shall I throw them over my back darling, save you coming round the front?
  7. is that the time must be off I'm doing our peters favourite for tea jellied eels with pigs nipples on toast.
  8. This is a shite wind up, AK was much better.

    Even though he's a twat.
  9. FAIL


  10. Are you turning jarrod?
  11. I'm trying to earn my grey wings and Monty repeatedly turns me down. I don't know why he doesn't just give in he's so old he's almost dead.
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  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Can you keep the Julian Clary shit under a blanket please? Nobody is shocked by faggots these days and many of us are just happy to admit you are good with a pastel palette and no sweat on a night out with our bird. Don't push it. Fucking faggots. Got to be rubbing your face in their sexuality. Lisping fucking cunts.
  13. wow never knew they all had a lisp, mind its hard to speak with my cock in there mouth................ wait what
  14. I've not rubbed anything in your face but if that's what you want I'm free weekday evenings.
  15. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Most amusing. Avoidance of Jarrod 'rubbing his face in your sexuality' noted. Closet Queen. You fucking faggots in denial are worse than the real faggots. And they are a bunch of mincing fucking cunts. Draw your own conclusions, do.