cool sport 2 play

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by gothpanda, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. a mate of mine from my college wants me to go airsofting wit hima his mates and it looks cool wat gun should i go 4? ive got lods of uniform so i can hide and stuff but dnt kmow which gun is best.
  2. What a pitiful excuse for a WAH!

    Either that or you are a complete dickhead
  3. You didn't really write that did you?
    Prepare for incoming.
  4. Infact looking at your previous posts, it appears that you are a complete dickhead.
  5. sh't suits_U, you've done it now. not the D-word, please not the D-word, not with gothpanda...
  6. "wit hima his mates"
    do you mean - hit his mate with a hammer??
  7. LOL is this for real?

  8. im gonna ignore u all untill i get a propa answer. dicks.
  9. P.s

    I love the Scandinavian Airlines logo as an avatar :lol: :lol: :lol:

  10. Right. Serious answer for you gothy, then fack off. you want to get an airsoft L21A1 Rarden 30mm. Most decent airsoft shops should have one. solid build, good rate of fire, light enough to carry one handed and the choice of the pro airsofters. Im sure everyone here will agree with me.
  11. Bye then, fuckwit
  12. And we're going to ignore you until we get a proper question; spelled and punctuated correctly.

    I have a feeling we may be waiting a very long time indeed.
  13. Take a real M4, with about 500 rounds of mix ball and tracer. Kill all of your sad mates in the woods and then turn the gun on yourself, you fcuking waste of skin.

    I have dyslexia and yet I still manage to form a readable sentence, you dull cretin.
  14. F'uck the airsoft rifles, they are for pussies. You, being the plasticy eyed dealer of frustration that you are should go around with a knife. Creep up on your quarry and pretend slit their throat, all "THEM," like.

    I believe you can get kits, they look something like this.


    Good luck