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Discussion in 'Photography' started by Bumper, Oct 23, 2009.

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  1. Matthew Cook's pictures on the BBC website are worth a few minutes to peruse. Link here.

    The ABF have published a book of them which can be bought here.

    Wish I could colour in like that.............
  2. "While the guys were returning fire I got out by sketch book" WTF. Fantastic images but I'd be a little unnerved to think his mind was more on light and shade then threats and movement.

    Edited to say: they would make great postcards for a forces charity. Shame the exhibit is behind closed doors. I hope there are plans to move it to a public space.
  3. These look really good, especially like the ones at 1.14 and 3.28, a picture paints a thousand words and all that jazz.
  4. Great Pictures, Post cards would be good
  5. i cant see the pictures as the dfts nazis are at it again! gggrrr
  6. The simplicity and poignancy of 2:50 says it all for me really. Quite a remarkable painting.
  7. Not sure if this helps get around them but the artists site and gallery is Here.
  8. Truly amazing images and extremely poignant. I would pay good money for cards or prints of those. They would certainly make fantastic ad images for H4H or one of the other charities.
  9. Superb portfolio, a worthwhile viewing for all.
  10. Wow, cracking paintings!

    The simplicity of the repatriation scene in particular makes it even more poignant.

    Speaking as someone who now makes a living from photography, it's nice to see images in a different medium, to offset the huge amount of photography we see coming from these conflicts (not to say that some of the photos aren't amazing too). There is something about the way his painting style strips out all the extraneous "noise" of a scene, leaving only the elements that are most important to telling the story.

    If there is a book being released, then It'll definitely be on my shopping list.
  11. Amazing talent and equally amazing work, I echo 5 ms, I would readily buy a book of Matthew Cook's work. Excellent.
  12. Very good
  13. The sketches look like he follows the Linda Kitson style of drawing but they are none the worse for that.

    Excellent work though, and they give more of a feel for the real thing than some of the work by "real" artists in the IWM.

    I can just imagine some of the comments about the "Returning Fire" picture though....

    "Erm, would you mind stopping drawing for a minute and get some rounds down before Terry gets any closer?"

    Does he keep an especially sharp 2H pencil instead of a bayonet?


  14. If you would prefer oils then Dougie Farthing has done some good work and he's a good bloke into the bargain.


    MOD write up
  15. Not sure why all the conditional statements.... :? As Bumper has helpfully pointed out in the OP.
    Mine is on the way (when the Royal Mail get back to work that is) :x And the ABF gets a slice.