Cool bollocking............

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by top_soldier, Jun 17, 2013.

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  1. Well OK, but what did they actually do? Was it just Naafi-type stuff which got sent to places it shouldn't, and he is being prudish and PC, or was it really nasty and worth the bollocking?
    Some of the stuff on Arrse would probably horrify him on that evidence.
  2. It was video selfies, think the shocking bit was the comments they made about the women involved.
  3. By 'cool bollocking' do you mean 'the gayest thing ever done by a serving General in the entire history of the human race, even if you include Ernst Rohm's enjoyment of being bummed by blond haired, blue eyed ubermen'?
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  4. No, I don't think he does. :)
  5. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    These colonials just have no sense of humour.

    I think we're the only army that behave like that and get away with it, but long may it reign.

    Be a lion on the field of battle and a **** in the bar.
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  6. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    Anyway, that's not a bollocking...

    THIS is a bollocking.

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  7. I watched the whole lot and he ever said when we were getting paid this month.
  8. Give the general credit mate, he looks ever so cute when he pouts.
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  9. That is not a bollocking, that is less impressive than the first 40 minutes of Full Metal Jacket.

    I was told a real bollocking involved the CSM calling you into his office, once in he tells the Coy clerk to leave the room. The CSM then calmly asks you what happened at a certain time, why and how. After your pathetic attempt to explain yourself, the CSM then calmly begins to break down your world, slowly raising his authority and winding himself up to a towering crescendo of hate and anger that heavy metal groups like Slayer could only have dreamt of.

    Once he has turned you, the once proud and strong soldier into a jerking, quivering, 'shitting itself' mess. He asks you the scary question.

    'Do you want the corps punishment or do you want mine?

    If your smart, you'll choose his as a severe beating is a damned site better than a charge sheet and 2 weeks RP's.

    I never had the latter part happen to myself, perhaps it's a bullshit story, or the practice of the 'CSM's own punishment' was no longer allowed when I was in. I would have preferred it to the RP's I received though.
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  10. Only on TV eh? If he tried that at Pirbright today, he'd have Phil Shiner in his CO's inbox requsting the death penalty before he could say "Kerching!"
  11. Sending it via the ADF's Intranet wasn't very bright. Perhaps he expects Majors and Lt Cols to be a little more discerning. This kind of thing is bad for female recruiting figures y'see, and they aren't that good to begin with.

    Having said that, we needn't expect CA's next online rant to be aimed at the civilian pressure groups and 'experts' who are trying to impose civilian workplace norms on an Army. Especially one which has just finished 10-odd years of Op. service.

    Soapy titwank.
  12. I think you're wrong on this one.

    Do you condone bullying too? I keep hearing about bullying in the army but I never experienced or witnessed it during my time. That said, it is a corrosive influence in any environment.

    A previous poster has linked an earlier incident which, on the surface, seemed like a harmless laugh. The long term implications are far worse in my opinion. The problem is that once something hits the net it never goes away. In this case 2 soldiers were filmed having sex and it was sent live to people in their intake next door. I bet a pound to a pinch of snuff that woman quit. I can't say I blame her. It was non-consensual voyeurism permananetly recorded with no way of removing it - probably far worse than some of the offences the pensioner celebs are being done for in this country. In this case I consider it on par with a sexual crime.

    The closest I came to this was at Templer Bks in Ashford when one of those on stag came across a couple hard at it behind the women's block. He broadcast the whole session over the local net but refused to identify those involved. There was a disciplinary result even then in 1983 but only for blocking the net. Yet our attitude was it was just a laugh.

    I don't know the latest situation in detail though my contacts in Oz land are talking about them. It could cause serious disciplinary problems going forward. I somehow doubt our armed forces still refer to the female contingent as splits, bed warmers, mattresses etc. We know they are deserving of far more respect so what's so different here? There will always be a small collection of fools no matter where but nowadays their actions can be more permanent whether by intention or not due to the web.
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