Cooking with Vodka?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Boozy, Jan 1, 2011.

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  1. Got a litre bottle of Vodka for Christmas which I've not opened yet...

    I am very fed up of vodka as a drink and was wondering if there was any way of using it to cook with? anyone got any recipes?

    Apart from vodka jellies I can't think of anything to use it for.
  2. Spam curry and vodka, it's for winners.
  3. If you have an ice cream maker (or at a pinch you own freezer) you could try making a vodka sorbet with tomato juice. There are loads of recipes on the net. I have tried it and it makes an interesting starter.

    Happy new year :)
  4. Problem is vodka just tastes of, well, vodka.Its not like sherry or brandy or rum, it just tastes of alchohol. You'd be better off getting a cocktail recipe book in the sales.
  5. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Use it for pickling fish,or veg
  6. I was thinking that but I vaguely recall something on the menu at a vodka bar in Scotland called Vodka Chicken... I didn't try it I had a burger instead but it seemed popular amongst my mates

    Sounds interesting thanks! I have one of those massive chest freezers so have plenty of room to do things like that. Happy New Year :)
  7. A Bloody Mary jelly makes a nice starter. Basically you make a jelly from gelatine, tomato juice and vodka - you can pop some spring onions into it for texture and ooh-factor. Add any condiments you normally would - like Tabasco or Worcester. Set the jellies and when you come to serve them sit them in a dish of boiling water briefly. when you turn them out, you get a "jus" effect around the base of the jelly. Serve on a bed of leaves. Impresses but is quite easy to knock up.

    You can also use it for making gravadlax. If the vodka is inferior in quality, you might be better off using it in a punch with lashings of nice flavoured fruity stuff. Enjoy.
  8. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    OR,buy a plastic dustbin and throw the Vodka in with a kilo of sugar, then all trough the summer keep topping it up with chopped up fruit, and keep just covered by adding water, you will have a fare few gallons of damn good hootch for NEXT XMAS
  9. I've tasted pasta with vodka and cream sauce in a local Italian restaurant, it was nice enough but I prefer to drink it. I like pouring Noilly Prat over roast chicken, perhaps you could try doing that with the vodka!
  10. PM me your address and I'll come round and help you drink it :)
  11. Chicken in tomato vodka sauce

    Boneless; skinless chicken breast.
    ½ cup fresh basil – cut or dried if fresh unavailable
    1 large can tomatoes (coarsely chopped)
    ½ teaspoon chili paste
    ½ cup Vodka
    ¼ cup broth (chicken or vegetable sock cube)
    ¼ cup Light cream or I use Elmlea
    2 tablespoon butter
    Salt; pepper, all purpose flour
    Dredge chicken in flour, salt and pepper.
    Saute chicken in butter.
    Remove and slice into strips.
    Throw tomatoes into the hot pan.
    Add most of the basil reserving a little for garnish later.
    Add Chile paste (or I ground up 4 little dried red chiles).
    Add broth and vodka and cook till reduced slightly.
    Add the cream and stir.
    To increase the sauce I added some of the tomato juice out of the can.
    Return the chicken the pan and warm through, toss.
    Simmer for a bit and then serve on light pasta of choice.
  12. And with rum!

    Recipe for Rumtopf

    And the fruit is damn fine with puddings
  13. you'd likely have to get a plane if you are on mainland cheaper for you just to go to the offy and buy your own ya cheap sod!

    This is the kinda thing I'm after cheers v much :) Not sure about the 'sock' cubes though :razz: whiffy! :)
  14. Got plenty of my own right here, and you're welcome to fly over and help me drink mine mukker :)
    Just don't like to see good alcohol wasted as cooking with it burns off the vital bit :roll:
  15. Venison steaks with a cream, mint, wild mushroom and vodka sauce.

    Cook the venison in a pan, once cooked remove, swill with vodka and flame off, add mint and mushrooms, add cream, and wait for it to reduce and thicken a bit before pouring over the venison.