cooking with PE

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by brighton hippy, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. anyone actually seen this done?
    read in spam books about this and appears on spam forums but as far as I know even ugly wasn't mad enough to try this sober. :D
    and when drunk wisely had no PE handy
    feel free to move to appropriate forum
  2. I've boiled up water on it.
  3. When I was taught my B3 I was told that it was possible to cook on it. A few years later when I had my B1, I wa sin Canada doing batsims and decided to try it. I opened a round and set a trail to a piece of pe4 and watched from a safe distance. It just burns like a hexy block. That was pretty lucky as someone had left the radio next to it!!
  4. Very tall story full of inaccuracies which shows you are full of shit, so bore off and try and come up with a more plausible story in future.
  5. PE4 will burn, however it is quite difficult to get going and infact will only act as a fuel to the fire. In sufficient quantities it will burn to detonation.

    Neither is it a super fuel, in fact it is quite inefficient as this is not the purpose it is designed for, you are far better off with a hexy block.

    As always when people are fcuking about with ammo, if you get caught out its career ending as well as any physical trauma that has been incurred.

    It is very obvious during an accident investigation when someone has been fcuking about with ammo. British Ammo is among the best in the world and the best looked after, so most incidents are either equipment failure or down to the user. When we investigate accidents we are not policemen and don't have to prove beyond resonable doubt that you tampered with the ammo, we just report it as the likely cause and then leave it upto the board of enquiry to hang, draw and quarter you.
  6. PE4 will burn, HOWEVER it will melt your average mess-tin quite quickly. Also as demonstrated in the Falklands, where a SSgt lost his hand, it is very unstable when geting hot!!!

    I'm sure Dinger will also verify that you can burn Det-cord, but only do it in very short lengths or you are going to be FUBAR.

    I'd stick to hexy

    Edit to add Dinger has beat me to the post, having seen so many fock ups with M&E, more time than not it will bite you.......badly! :cry:
  7. So which bit is untrue ?
  8. Who is right then, dingerr says it don't burn well and you say it'll melt a mess tin.

    I thought it burnt hot, it boiled water quicker than hexi.
  9. I heard cordite works very well as a fuel. Of course, it's completely different to PE4, so I'll be quiet now...
  10. Never cooked on it but did dispose of it by ????? burning it,
    and yes detcord should only be burnt in small lengths, the bit in the training film the unthinking moment was based on a true story where young Sappers put big lengths on the fire and it exploded
  11. Burning Det Cord by cutting it up and throwing it on a fire used to be a method of disposal on completion of an exercise. I believe it was for RE only and in the relevent RE pam. The practice stopped when the inevitable happened, the lengths of det cord increased and eventually there was an explosion as the Det Cord burnt to detonation
  12. Not so much the lengths increased but someone never took it off the reel, which resulted in a Spr who was holding the det cord reel having a hole blasted in his chest and the one who was feeding it into the fire losing a few fingers. The Sgt ic lost his pension
  13. If its at the point of melting a mess tin then it is no longer burning, but deflagrating (sub sonic & thermal transfer). This is a very high energy burn, next point on the scale is detonation (supersonic & shock transfer).
  14. Thanks.