Cooking gas - available in Bastion?

Heard that cans of gas are available from the NAAFI or whatever it's called in Bastion? Thinking of getting a JetBoil to take to Helmand for the winter, but not much point if I can't get gas to run it on. So anyone who's there or been recently shed any light? Cheers.
Why not go for a multi burner? At least you know you will get fuel for it...
Coleman Peak Multifuel is great although a little heavy. No problems if you're in a vehicle or platoon house. Diesel can be difficult to light but burns great when it gets going.
If your going to take any form of cooker to Afghan (or Iraq) make sure its brand new and still in its box and has never been used, or the RAF will not let you take it. Ive been caught out by the movers saying its ok to vent them for 24 hrs first, then not letting it on anyway. Better still ring the movers at Brize or Lyneham, if your a Tom get your UMO to do it for you.
Most stuff needs to be flown in, or other a long tortuous road route, the chances of you getting cooking gas from the EFI are about the same as the CSE show tipping up with a decent comedian.
Buy a multi fuel cooker that can run on Diesel or Kero.
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