Cookie found in the Rhine.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_bloke, Dec 2, 2011.

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  1. It must be a really S L O W day for the scum working the Mail , No news just reruns of old news with one exception.

    Blockbuster bomb found in the Rhine in Koblenz with 45000 being evacuated for its disposal on sunday.

    Best line is...

    It is expected to take several hours to make the bomb safe. Should it show signs of going off, experts would have seven seconds to get clear.

    Hmm 7 seconds to run away from a 4000 , 8000 or 12000 lb bomb. The experts are also in the
    German run as fast as light team I guess:)
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  2. Mmmm, cookies!
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  3. I was thinking; WTF? Yank biscuit found in German river? So what?
  4. As it is the Daily Mail reporting, I would say they have actually found a hand grenade, or at most a panzerfaust, and they are having to evacuate one Schnell Imbiss and a resident wino.
  5. Just to give you an idea of what's out there:

    a blind 2,000 lb bomb sat on over 8,000 155 mm HE Shells, about 93 metric tonnes of high explosive

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  6. Oh shit - my Norton Antivirus just said I have a cookie in my laptop - should I evacuate?
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  7. It was estimated when I was at 33 that there was enough known work on the books to keep the BACs teams employed for another 40 years and that is just in the UK. Plus all the stuff that was just dumped and nobody was told.
  8. Where was that? Libya?
  9. No just dress up in 4 Romeo and take it to PC world and tell them it has a virus.....................Idea stolen from Trigger Happy TV.
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  10. Where I grew up in East Anglia, the place was apparently so littered with UXBs, every spring, the farmers would sing, "We plough the fields, and scatter..."
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  11. For the sake of yourself and perhaps your laptop it may be advisable to evacuate the room before you evacuate your bowels .
  12. Oh wonderful - NOW he tells me....
  13. Dont think the people of Koblenz find it so funny, half the towns population nearly 50,000 people are being evacuated at the weekend
    it is a british 4000pounder ,you should be happy( thai exile)it is a rather big handgranade!! most of the isaan thai in koblenz live in that area ,we have our clubhouse there too!!
    just hope everything goes well on sunday
  14. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Perhaps it's one that my grandfather left!

    I remember flying into RAF Guttersloh with him. The Border bloke (a Brit) asked him if he had been to Germany before - he uttered the immortal line:

    "I've flown over it several times but never landed before." Not original but never-the-less it impressed me and gave the border bod a good laugh.
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  15. Or my father, when I can find his logbook I will see if he ever dropped anything on Koblenz.