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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by northern-matelot, Jun 26, 2012.

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  1. Having recently attended one of your fine establishments (Deepcut), I found myself quite confused about some of the routines that were in practice in the camp and wondered if this was general across the British Army or just in the home of the Retards Last Chance. Walking in the cookhouse I found myself to he the only one who hand taken off and hung up my jacket next to the entrance, while spotting members of the unit sat eating scran in outdoor wear (windies/foulie jackets,) abs some people still having camouflage on hands and faces. Not wishing to question standards I sat by myself but soon found myself surrounded by members of my class. After finishing my meal I asked to be excused from the table a custom always practised by us matelots, after saying "excuse me" I was looked at by some confusion and asked what for? Had I dropped my handbag or something?
    Just wondering if manners is something normally missed out in army training?

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  2. You raise a fair point. The standards you describe are to be found in the majority of dogshit units especially those who recruit direct from the jungle.
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  3. Its not a regimental dinner. The cam cream should be off, berets off. Smocks get nicked if you leave them about.
  4. We miss out the manners due to training to fight wars.
  5. At a training regt most sprogs don't get time to eat their scran, let alone hang up their jackets for someone else to pinch or stop to wash first.
    They don't use the phrase "excuse me" anymore. In a training regt there are no excuses.
    If you found yourself bewildered by what was going on you should have looked at the faces of your fellow diners. Most of them would have been totaly baffeled, as the poor wretches are fucked around from ******** to breakfast until they dont know if they are coming or going.
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  6. I'm an ex junior leader. If we were lucky we had 10 mins for scoff. If we'd entered the cookhouse wearing cam cream or smocks we'd have been battered. Those same rules applied at the regiment too. Gopping, slack, dogshit unit run by dogshit loggies sums Deepcut up.
  7. X59

    X59 LE

    The manners to not be honking ***** who thieve oppos smocks ?
  8. Classic, I can't imagine anyone being able to combine the two, can you?
  9. Ten minutes? At RMAS we used to dream of ten minutes & that's not long to get down three courses, cheese & port at lunchtime I'll tell you :wink:
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  10. shame those 'stray rounds' missed you
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  11. Sorry mate, remind us of your experience of stray rounds again? Or any other that wasn't delivered directly to a Huns head?
  12. Absolute bollocks, if I'd ever gone into the cookhouse with even the tiniest amount of cam cream on I'd have been thrashed to within an inch of my life, this applies to my unit as well.

    In our cookhouse we even have standards of dress, people are regularly turned away for wearing track suits etc.
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  13. **** me - rattled are you ? tell me about yours,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  14. FFS don't top your self...........some one will do it for you.
  15. Speaking of Mess Halls, and that our army (oz) takes it's traditions/protocols et al from you guys. Always wondered about 'breaking your belt' when entering the mess. Basically, when you entered the mess the mess NCO and CPL Cook would be on hand to ensure everyone had undone the web belt - be fucked if we'd ever get enough food to go away with that 'contented' feeling. It died out in the late 70's. Did you - Brit Army - do this ****, if so, why?

    We (oz) did have the call - "Back-ups", once called - by some digger in the mess, it was back up to the Bain-Maries and get second helpings. Then there was the feeling of contentment.