Cookhouse delicacies not seen since leaving the Mob

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Auld-Yin, Mar 20, 2017.

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  1. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    There are a couple of dishes which were served up in our cookhouse on a fairly regular basis which I quite liked but have not seen since leaving. Both of these dishes were shy of ingredients and seemed to come out when the QM/ Master Gyppo started running out of money.

    The first is Onion Pie. Not cheese and onion, just onion in shortcrust pastry. I found this quite tasty and filling and usually took it when in the menu but i have never come across it since my days in the cookhouse queue.

    The second is sweet macaroni as a pudding. Basically just macroni, milk and sugar. Again i liked it and a dollop of jam in and off we go.

    Two very economical dishes which the sloppos seemed to do well. I keep seeing the "what i cooked tonight" posts and think these simple dishes kept me going. Maybe they needed copious amounts of Heineken and Amstel to wash them down properly!

    Anyone remember any 'strange' dishes in the cookhouse, before they became Unit Restaurants, that they liked but haven't seen since?
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  2. My old admin told me about being on ex as an RCT sprog with only pilchard pie available, made by the slop jockeys. For breakfast, lunch and dinner over several days due to supply issues/QM eff up. Said he never ate them again.
  3. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I was particularly fond of the luke warm brown liquid that appeared in the range Norgie container, tasting of something between coffee and tea, tinged with the flavour of the curry that had been left in the container the week before, and enhanced by sugar served with a wet spoon from a soggy, split, paper bag.

    Somehow Costa, Starbucks etc have never managed to recreate that experience. Can't think why.
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  4. Speckles.
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  5. Sausage meat pie - what was that???
  6. Leftover sausages (only one each), bacon and scrambled eggs from breakfast reappearing mystically and magically not 3 hours later as a quiche Lorraine.
    No onions though.
    And Panda Cola, not ever seen that again.
    Was it patented by the MoD?
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  7. Try getting a single sausage anywhere! It can't be done.
  8. All in stew - my first SSgt used to add corned beef via a cheese grater.

    Compo sausages

    Oatmeal blocks

    Making cream teas with hard tack and those tubes of jam and condensed milk

    I'll add mystery fish in sandwiches
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  9. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT


    Hardly a delicacy though. In fact, nothing delicate about cookhouse steak at all.

    The first time I saw steak on an Army hotplate was the biggest anticlimax ever. Following night after night of "what's in the pies?" and finally coming to learn for myself that oval silver was chicken and mushroom, square red was steak and kidney, round gold was meat and potato, round red was mince beef and onion ...imagine our delight as we saw the most appealing looking thing ever? Master chef must have found some extra in the budget. Awesome!

    Then I sat down and tried to cut it with my NSN-stamped eating irons. Looking down the table, everyone else is doing their best 1500W Bosch jigsaw impressions and getting nowhere fast. That's ok - break it off at the weakest point and chew the rest. Oh dear...

    The thinnest strips of tough, gristley, overcooked leather designed to give your jaws the ultimate workout.

    At least I know now what they use to make boots out of. At least I know now what they use to support the Forth Road bridge and couple rail carriages together with.
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  10. I cook sausage meat and apple pie regularly - it's lush
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  11. Never had frozen sausage rolls until I was issued a horror bag/nosebag/scoff box for the ranges.
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  12. Jam tart and custard
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  13. Cookhouse steak. How could anything that thin be so impregnable to steel? Thank God there was onions or there would be no moisture whatsoever.
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  14. I had terrific food in cook houses but then again I grew up with rickets..
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  15. I'm told bread was baked by RAOC boys and colour coded for the particular day of the week it was issued. Any truth in this?
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