Cooker No 2

Personally, I woudn't buy anything like this on E-Bay. However. make sure you give all the joints a water/washing up liquid wash over before you fire her up. Also check the hoses for any obvious damage.

I don't think this is one of the cookers that had the fire extinguiser mods on it (number 4 I think?), but make sure that no fire extinguishers are stored on/in/under the cooker.
Having used these on several occasions, I would suggest that you do not listen to the rubbish that the seller has posted on his advert. They can be a bugger to get going and to be honest, the coleman twin cooker is a far better product. The No2 is big and a bit bulky if you are thinking of camping purposes, where as the coleman is a lot lighter.
Further to Stabtiffy's comment.
I do not think Royal Mail will be too impressed about a fuel tank being posted through the system. Empty or not.
I’ve use that kind of cooker before. Tbh they’re pap. The burner nozzle gets blocked, the temp controls are Burn or incinerate. I have a colaman dual fuel twin cooker, which is quite good. However, it’s for sale as gas is the way forward!!!!!!!! plus the "gimp" of a wife can't light it without a creating an reenactment of piper alpha going whoosh.

Thanks for the comments folks. Didn't think it would be up to much but thought i would ask anyway. Actually found this when looking for the best deal on the Coleman Dual Fuel.

PM me if you are genuinely up for selling yours Cpl R - age, useage, location, selling price etc (cooker - not you!!)
It is an outstanding bit of kit provided it is looked after properly. Result was a faster brew than any crappy civvy gaz effort and easier to replen on long exercises. Key points are:

Never allow carbon deposits to build up on the burner head. This happens when inexperienced operators use benz to pre-heat the burner. Ace cooker aficionados always use meths for this purpose. Optimum performance comes from knowing exactly how much meths to use to pre-heat the burner to allow for vapourisation - this will come with experience.

An issue pricker is essential and the burner heads should be thoroughly "pricked" before and after use to avoid hardened carbon deposits.

The seal on the priming pump must be in perfect condition - otherwise you are fcuked. Have a spare to hand, although they can be as rare as rocking horse sh*t.

Love `em, did my street cred no end of good with the crew as we always had hot scoff in half the time as anyone else in the sqn.
Just joined the forum, because I am kinky about cookers. I am looking for a No 1 burner, just love the noise of them at full pressure. Anybody got one to spare? No 2 burner I agree is temprmental, burns your fingers adjusting the flame from full on to almost full on to Christ its blown out again. But great fun all the same.


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