Cook terrorist is killed in Afghanistan;_ylt=Aqo7R_mzQinhj6EhMpoVT8Nw24cA

A coalition statement said five militants were killed and four others were detained during the early-morning raid targeting a "terrorist network" in Kunduz province, close to the border with Tajikistan.

The statement said one militant was killed in the initial assault on a compound, and the rest died after troops asked for noncombatants to exit the buildings but instead were "engaged with small arms fire."

But Abdul Manan, mayor of Imam Sahib district, said the raid hit his house and killed two of his guards, a cook, a driver and another man.

Kunduz province is populated mainly by Tajiks. and Taliban as almost purely Pushtun organisation is not influental here.

Manan said the helicopter-borne forces blew open the compound gates. He said he was hunkered down inside a room with his wife and children and had no contact with the troops during the raid.

The coalition statement said "no women or children were present in the targeted attacks."

Kunduz is relatively calm place. So what could be a reason for the raid?

All these local mayors are as a rule tribal leaders who are wealthy enough to have ten or even hundreds thousands of dollars in cash. Frequently they control or directly participate in drug trade.

The house was searched, no doubt. What has happened with money?;_ylt=AkHZlLPDds0d8Y.wDNkNqGJm.3QA

U.S. forces also said the operation was "in coordination with local Afghan police" but a senior police official in Emamsaheb district, where the operation took place, told Reuters they were not involved or aware of the operation.

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