Convoycock and Riggers Book

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by the_rigger, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. Hello, fellas.
    I don't know if you guys have seen the thread in the NAAFI Bar about a book that I have written with Convoy? Basically it is called 'Picking Up The Brass', and it is a purely funny story about the real every day life in the mob. It was written as an antidote to the current 'Black tape across the eyes and big tasche killer in the night' genre that has swamped military book shelves.
    The reason I am putting up an additional post in here is because both myself and Convoy are Ex Sigs and the book follows a character going through Harrogate in the mid 80s then on to various working units including a tour in Belize. So to all intents and purposes it is the life story of about 80 - 90% of you guys.
    If anyone wants to see the feedback/reviews that we have had so far, check out the sticky at the top of the NAAFI.
    If you do fancy getting a copy then PM me or Convoycock and we will endeavour to help.
    To sum up, if, like me, you ever thought "I wish someone would write a book about the Army and tell it like it really is." Then this is the book for you.
    Thanks lads.
  2. Copy already ordered, looking forward to a good read. :D

  3. Recommended. Rawson, Rawson, Rah Rah Rah.

    Although the rigger is a bit of a nig...
  4. just ordered but the

    This credit card transaction will appear on your bill as "PAYPAL *CONVOYCOCK".

    is going to take a bit of explaining!!!
  5. Wife just collared me paying £17.75 to convoycock, not a happy teddy bear. The "ist just a book about squaddie life" story is not washing.
  6. I sent mine off, should be something to do over a very long six months. Needless to say I will pay you royalties when I rent it out.
  7. Ordered mine on Monday evening. I may need to do some explaining if anyone sees my bank statement with 'CONVOYCOCK' on there. Still, should be worth it.
  8. Highly Recommended!!

    Its Fecking GGRRREEEAAAT! If you went through Harrogate, its a must have, and proves finally that the older boy's didn't have it any different from us sprog's who went through in 92. (hey that rhymes).
  9. 92 ! You fcuking Nig. Is the ink still wet on your ID Card.
  10. Rigger I hope this one is more accurate than the fable you wrote about rigging in NI
  11. Mate, if I wrote that, you can bum me to death with a pineapple.
    Although as I explained to bowman, I was climbing in the province around that time, but the book 'Rigger' had nothing to do with me.
    However if I am totally honest, 'Rigger' did semi-inspire us to write 'Picking up the brass' but only as a complete antithisis.
    Ask any of the lads who have read our book, if there are any references to special forces or if there is any big timing, then I'll shove a TUAAM down my jap's eye, and change my name to Yasser ARFAT!
    As previously stated, this is pure humour.
  12. Mine arrived yesterday morning, my life went on hold for a day and I finished it in the evening. A top read, highly recommended, should be compulsory reading for anybody who went through Harrogate.
    Assuming its semi-auto biographical, which one of you went spit roasting the prozzy in Belize (or was it both of you?)?
  13. Just started reading the book. As a 72C Rawson recruit - I can say thats just how it was !! Well done both guy !!
  14. Page 44, last paragraph - get going, Yasser! :twisted:

    Seriously, the book's a great exercise in nostalgia, and I'll happily recommend it - good job!

    Best wishes