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  1. To leave unarmed civilians at the mercy of the insurgents and run away is nothing short of cowardice. Would not happen in the british forces.

    The american hummer commander should be disciplined.

  2. The US military has rejected claims that its soldiers abandoned civilian truck drivers during an attack in Iraq.

    The US military insisted that its personnel had acted properly and "fought back bravely".

    an investigation immediately afterwards found troops, from the Virginia National Guard, had reacted appropriately.

    "They fought back bravely while waiting for reinforcements and attending to the casualties," a spokeswoman for US forces in Iraq, Lt Col Michelle Martin-Hing, told the Associated Press news agency.
  3. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    I bet the guys with the maps had chucked them in the bottom of the cab and left everything to the dear old GPS. When will they learn. Good basic skills should not be replaced by technology. Technology should only be used to enhance our abilities.

    No excuse for leaving though. I would like to hear the excuse for that one (PX about to shut-cannot hang about).
  4. I saw this last night on the world service.

    Halliburton fired the driver that did not die.And did not give any reason.

    The US Army said they did not run but removed themselves from the danger area and fought back bravely.

  5. Just watched the Video, Where exactly where they fighting back bravely while waiting for reinforcements and attending to the casualties????.
  6. Methinks M_M that the only thing that did work was the hummer driver's right foot on the throttle. They ran like whipped chickens and it's plainly seen on film. No honour, no respect and most of all no balls!

    If this is an example of the Virginia NG fighting bravely, my mother could fight better than that.

  7. Surely it's a bit irresponsible to leave the truckers anarmed in such a volatile situation. Are they not allowed to carry arms for self-defence?

    What about the predator watching them strip the dead trucker. Are they not routinely armed nowadays, could they not have at least tried to take out the group of insurgents as a warning to others?
  8. FM,

    I only quoted this from the BBC. I certainly saw what happened in the video, That trucker was braver than the Virginia NG!!
  9. Those US Soldiers should be court martialled for cowardice - fukcing disgraceful!
  10. Saw this on the news last night, looks a lot like they f*cked off and left him. Unless there was something huge kicking off down the road, I don't know what they were doing. It's not like he didn't use the radio either... the driver's reaction on hearing them shoot his mate would have left them in no doubt of the danger he was in. They even had a predator overhead watching as the insurgents shot and stripped the other driver!
  11. Most Predators are unarmed - it used to be only the CIA 'black' version that carried Hellfire. I haven't seen the footage but there are also quite a few other smaller, less-capable UAVs used by the US for convoy overwatch etc.
  12. Absolute disgrace, to leave un-armed civilians screaming for help over the radio, shocking cowardice.
  13. I have to say that sometimes the only solace is knowing that although the sh!t may hit the fan on ops and things are dire, I never doubted for a nanosecond that a mate would be there to bail me out if needed. And you would be there for them.

    I'm actually proud that I can say that about my ex-army colleagues and feel that it's still as important to me .....and probably all of you today as it was in the past.

    I'm going to go all misty eyed in a moment........time for my medication and rest. 8O