Convoy protection, Iraq

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by parasigs, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. Guys

    Been invited to Olive Group regarding a contract in Iraq. Im after an ops room job but if they offer me a place on the convoys should I accept?
    Anyone in the know, would you?

  2. ive been working in the pit for 3.5 years i did a year on convoys we lost 16 expats dead and god knows how many locals nationals thats not including guys who lost limbs we were getting hit almost every day and im talking some hardcore contacts ( and remember no one is comming to help you no QRF )its up to you it might be a foot in the door but i would look for PSD or if your ex 216 look for a sigs job somewere
  3. Hi mate

    So, if you dont mind me asking, when did you do the convoys and who'd you work for?

    You have armour?

    If you dont wanna say on here then PLEASE PM me.

  4. No, not unless you have a death wish.
  5. rolling contacts for mini money. no ta.

    Use your sigs quals and a bit of networking to get a seat polishing job some where safe/relatively safe
  6. As previously said mate, seriously get a reasonably safe comms job and give the convoys a wide berth. Fatality rates there very high, no QRF as already stated.
  7. If you did have a death wish or just seriously didn't care - how much does convoy work pay and what kind of people would you be working alongside?

    I know somebody this might suit.
  8. Parasigs,

    Skymacuk's message relates very much to the norm out there as strawberry mivvies travelling in convoys, I was out there last year working on the U.S. CMC Programme, in a year over 30 people were killed and countless injured, a few of these were working on the sites on the EOD side of things with the Mobile EOD teams but the majority were during convoy moves, my Team was only on the road 16 times and we had 1 killed and one very seriously injured in that time, another of our team went back to Dadsbagh for a medical check-up and joined another convoy team, he was very sadly in a vehicle that suffered a double EFP attack killing the vehicle/convoy commander and the driver, he barely survived but lost both legs as the front gunner...

    There are a lot of contractors out there and we all think the same 'It will never happen to me' all I'll say is don't go out there blind to the facts, as part of a convoy team you WILL be targeted and hit several times, there is no way of avoiding it...

    It's your decision to make at the end of the day and all people can tell you is the facts of their own time out there as strawberry mivvies with no back up you can call out to help you if you end up in the poo....
  9. 1/ Around the £120 per day mark.

    2/ Guys who want to get a foot in the door of the CP / PMC world. Ex bouncers, guys with PTSD, some switched on guys who like the buzz, Local Nationals.

    One company I know of only paid out on its insurance policy if you lost 2 limbs or more. The pay out was £60K

  10. If this is the deal these days, its complete tonk. If the answer to number 1 is true, then the answer to number 2 is as hinted at here, a bunch of misfits and cowboys.

    Avoid this shit. Your sigs quals will get you more money for sitting in the IZ having a beer and saying "Oooh that bang was a bit close, wasn't it" to a detonation over 1k away. Use your network...Olive not a bad company but this sort of work is not what you want.
  11. sorry to drag up an old thread but this is a job I would be intrested in if I decided to head to Civ Div so just a few questions to the guys in the know

    is this kind of work still easily avalible in hostile enviroments and how do you go about getting on the convoy jobs (is an sia required) and in the current climate is this a good step towards psd roles.