Convoy has gone

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Jul 8, 2004.

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  1. Well done, the NAAFI was starting to turn around and become an amusing haunt again. I knew it wouldn't last and have to agree with Convoy on the matter. Time to knock it on the head and find somewhere else.

    I've never met Convoy_cock, but do me a favour, click his username and read all of his 400 posts then post here what a funny fella he was, in fact the heart of all the witty posts within the NAAFI. Its a sad day when the site loses a fella like that, like he says though maybe we are the minority.

    Perhaps its time to leave too :?
  2. Why's he gone? The NAAFI is picking up. I know a few users haven't got "squaddie sense of humours", but I'd have thought Convoy would see through all that and just carry on.

    Come back mate.
  3. He is cured mate, I agree it was picking up and the spaz shagging thread was a treat but it won't last and parasites will soon be posting irrelevant pants.

    I hope he does stay, but I fear he won't.......
  4. Convoy, you've got to take the rough with the smooth. Your always going to get someone on here who has little or no conception of what he or she is subscribing to. Yeah, there are users who use the NAAFI and other places to comment with one word answers, or comments not reflecting the thread, which I agree does sometimes ruins the whole thread. You've contributed some good posts, so don't waste them by walking away.
  5. Maybe the answer is a 'one word answer and post bollox' forum allowing the NAAFI to remain a haunt for those who enjoy it in its rawest form, but liek he says maybe we are a minoity. If we are then its unfair to expect the majority to conform..
  6. no way , what we need is MORE spazzo sex , following through , getting naked on the p*ss and general attempts to plumb the depths of common decency , i've never met the bloke , but he's nearly got me sacked about six times for bursting out laughing , and having to leave the office with all manner of snot and tears pouring down my face.

    dont give up guys.....stick with it :(
  7. Convoy, don't go....come back and I'll let you skiff me :? 8O but don't fcuking tell ANYONE
  8. Sorry Shortfuse, but I am going to have to draw my horns in a bit on the Spazzo Shagging front. Owing to my last escapade, I am now on the Sex Offender's register, and have a court order banning me from going within 500 metres of a psychiatric facility. :cry:
  9. for f**ks sakes , some people have got NO sense of humour.

    i've since found out my cousin works with wobblyheads , and i was trying to get hold of a couple to play with at the weekend.
    theres a couple get in my local , look like the pair off "kingdom hospital"
    they get outrageously pissed up and try and armwrestle everyone , but 9 times out of ten the strain makes them follow through , they don't give up and win by default as no one will take them on anymore.

    so we've done the mentally ill , who we gonna pick on now??
  10. Try an old fogeys home you can fcuk one of the 92 year olds and she wont remember 5 minutes later. :D
  11. Ermmm...the disabled...anyone shagged a bird with no legs?

  12. don't you believe it mate !!!!! 8)
    once she's had me pounding her colostomy bag and back flushing her (and her ribs have healed) she'll think herself lucky that i found her at the bottom of the stairs when i did :wink:
  13. Once had a BJ from a fairly aged woman with no teeth. 8)
  14. I have thought of a new wheeze.
    Just down from the road from here, at Wareham, there's a place called "Monkey-World". It is a zoo, but just for primates, but get this, you can "adopt" one of them!! :twisted:

    What I was thinking, fella, was that you, I and a few others form a Chimp Abusing Ring. All we have to do is adopt a lovely, red and purple arrsed chimp each, and then "borrow" them for the weekend. I would ultimately like to work my way up to an Orangutang, so we hire a lock-up somewhere and indulge in a weekend of inter-species abnormality. :D

    Sound like a plan to you?
  15. sounds good to me , they can be vicious f**kers aswell though so i'd insist on one that could roller skate and had had all it's f**king teeth pulled out.
    and when not being abused , they could put the brews on.

    don't know about orangs though , i've f*cked fat birds , skinny birds , old birds , ugly birds ... but never EVER a gwar , and if i wont f*ck a ginger bird i'm certainly not going to bone a 300 pound ginger monkey with 8 foot of arms and thumbs on it's feet ...... it'd be like shagging someone from the isle of sheppey.