Convince me to join the Signals...

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by kitsunegari, Oct 18, 2010.

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  1. I'm shortly going to Briefing, and with any luck then to Main Board and Sandhurst in May. My corps of choice are RLC or Signals. I know people in both, and I get conflicting advice every time I talk to them. A few people I know in the Signals say they wish they had joined the RLC, and I'll agree that there are plenty of things about the RLC that attracts me.

    However, there are also several things about Signals that attract me, and the problem with what you read in the recruitment spiel is that its all pretty much the same, whichever corp you look at. Chance to lead, diversity of role, good career prospects, good sport and so on. Both corps appeal to me a lot, though at the moment the Signals is slightly ahead because they say you are highly likely to be sent on operations quickly after commissioning.

    So I'm just after some friendly advice, on what an Officer can expect. I have my fam visit in January which is sadly after my Briefing, but the earliest they could manage. I realise at Briefing I don't have to have chosen a career, but I want to go in forearmed as to which corp I want to join and why.
  2. Obviously my fam visit will form a large basis of my decision, but it doesn't hurt to ask around as well.
  3. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    We've got a great cap badge!

    Does the foot still fall off?
  4. Convince you to join our Royal Corps?

    How about if you don't want to join you go and join somebody else... I couldn't give a fcuk less if you join us or not. If you don't join us, another LE gets your slot. Simples.

    Go to each capbadge and make your own mind up, as you seem to be in a bit of quandry at present. And i don't see how the opinions of strangers can help, if the opinions of mates currently confuse.

    I wouldn't beleive the ops thing either. We have RLC out on ops too, and they need subbies just as much as the Royal Corps.
  5. Obviously, asking was asking for trouble, but if you don't have anything constructive to add, just hit the 'Back' button :).

    Thanks for the few useful PMs so far.
  6. Yes, as does the arm
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Apparently, they've got more fanny in their units than most.
  8. A misinterpreted typo... they wrote 'minge' instead of 'mange'...
  9. Convince me that you are worthy of a commision in the Royal Corps?
  10. Off to Sandhurst in Jan, just came back from an attachment to 1Div and have done a few FAM visits with the corps. PM me if you want some advice. All I will say is that the "spiel" as you call it will more often than not outline the soldiers career and career oppertunities. not those of an officer.
    To clarify, stand by for a career of G1!
  11. Hong Kong Dollars?
  12. Convince US you are good enough to join the Royal Corps. There are plenty of me, me, me officers out there. Convince us you are a leader.
  13. Shame they're mostly rug munchers though.
  14. yeh our cap badge is the best, foot falls off, and if you turn it on its side it looks like a jack russel mounting jimmy, while a rabbit stands and watches lol, someone showed me that the other day.

    as an officer mind yours will be sown on.