Convicts should be allowed IVF treatment while in jail

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Horridlittleman, Jan 14, 2008.

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  1. Yes, I think that criminals should be treated as if they've never done anything wrong.

  2. Not on your nelly!

  1. Link.

    The idea that convicts have a human right to become a parent whilst still in prison is abhorrent. Surely if someone wanted to become a parent they would not have broken the law and put themselves in the position of not being able to? The fact that this got to the Grand Chamber of the ECHR is an absolute joke.
  2. < OUTRAGE >
    i can't believe they expect to have IVF in jail, what the hell are they going to do with it? and what sort of role model is mummy going to be? and who will look after it? the lovely kiddie fiddler on G-wing
    < /OUTRAGE >

    though really it does sound absurd..
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Considering that one can have ones children removed because they are bad parents or a risk to their children, what does that make a criminal?

    Considering the fact that they are in jail for crimes committed, then they are hardly likely to be good parents, and if they do become parents whilst in jail - they will be absent parents.

    Let's look at the gender issue: Female in jail for murder, allowed to have conjugal visits and/or IVF treatment. Where does she have the child, and where does she bring it up, or is that then the role of the father in the absence of the mother?

    As for their human rights, fcuk their human rights - they lost them when they chose to break the law of the land and become criminals. There should be a reduced/special set of human rights for criminals, based on the fact that they have often chosen to ingore the laws of the land and/or the human rights of others, hence the prison sentence.

    Prisoners should not be able to have sex/kids whilst serving their sentence, nor should they be given 'free' drugs due to their addictions, or be allowed to vote. I'd be hard-pushed to allow the b@stards televisions either.
  4. Biped, it's not as if they are going to go down the pub or tapas bar and leave little Johnny on his own, they'll be in the same room as them. But I must agree it's hardly conducive to a good family environment.
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    If the gobment (this, or others) are actually proactive in promoting family values and good parenting, then here is a captive audience who can get the message loud and clear - be a good boy, and enjoy the benefits of being a parent. Choose the path of criminality, and kiss it goodbye.
  6. If they're in Jail long enough for IVF to work, then they have done something pretty serious (or have failed to pay their Congestion Charge in time). Therefore they are 'Bad People' and instead of being given conjugal visits or IVF, they should be sterilised so that their spawn cannot infest the earth.
  7. IVF my hairy Arrse!!!!

    They should be spayed/castrated as part of penal reform to help with the reduction in the numbers of pond life!!! not fecking given a chance to breed further so that they can bleed the government coffers (my taxes) dry by getting even more single parent/unemployed/on the sick etc benefit payments!

    Utterly utterly outraged!! Grrrrrrrrr
  8. Except with a 6'8" 20 st weighlifting champion psychotic transvestite called
    Gladys the Ripper, of course.

    "Do you want to be the Mummy or the Daddy.......? :omg: "
  9. I'm bloody OUTRAGED! (where's the bandwagon?)

    Echo everyone above, really; if you're convicted of a crime, your "yooman rightz" should be suspended for the period of time you're in jail for. Harsh? Yes. Fair? Definitely.
  10. Why is it UNDER this bloody government those in prison have more rights than servicemen and women?

    IVF in jail, then wire them up to the mains Three Phase!
  11. Never mind the IVF, who is going to provide the money required to bring the little feckers up whilst mum or dad is in nick???
    Money from the state for IVF, money from the state for child rearing, state paying lots of money to keep the feckers in nick......
  12. tough don't do the crime
    do we really want to encourage criminal scum to breed?
    some may argue allowing me to spawn was a step to far :twisted:
    but I didn't need IVF and I never got caught shows at least gerbil like cunning if not exactly rat like :roll:
    if your in longer enough for ivf your probably a very serious crim :(
  13. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    A farse. Voted against by ever level of court in the Land and Europe until they got to the very last (and obviously most out of touch).

    Jail time should mean exactly that. It is a time of punishment.

    Removing said genes from the gene pool for a period should be viewed as one of the benefits that society gains.

    Harsh I know but hey, is there not still a debate about chemical sterilisation for perpetrators of some sex crimes?
  14. And those living south of the Humber Bridge, get their bridge toll paid by the state too!
  15. Never mind all of this shoite - have you seen the photo of the 2 feckers who want to breed?

    That in itself is disgusting.