Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by speedybham, Dec 1, 2008.

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  1. I'm in the process of joining ta, or trying.

    Been in before, now wana rejoin. Since leaving I got done for common assult & battery. got fine happened a couple of years ago, it was out of character , no previous to that, got fined end of story.

    got told i may have to wait 5 years after receiving fine, cos of rehab of offenders, this aint abh or gbh, i restained him for his own good

    anyone got any ideas, should i being doing something else other than waiting, ie. an explanation of the offence?
  2. as far as i am aware you will have to wait for up to 5 years after your conviction by which time it will have become spent. as you state it was a few years ag you may not have too long to wait.

    Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974
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    msr LE

  4. Pop into your local unit mate and have a chat....

    All units will sit down and talk things through with you.... I'd do that, stick an application in (being honest) and see what happens....

    Good luck.
  5. Regardless of what it says in the rehabilitation of offenders act, this is for certain, if you FAIL to declare a conviction on enlistment two things will happen:

    1. All applications have checks made ALL criminal convictions WILL be picked up.
    2. If a conviction is picked up that you have not declared your enlistment will be terminated immediately.

    The rights and wrongs of the rehabilitation of offenders act is a point for another discussion. It is there and we HAVE to abide by it.

    The circumstances of your conviction are irrelevant here. What is relevant is that you have to wait the 5yrs rehabilitation time before you are deemed 'rehabilitated'.

    The Army is not concerned in the details of the assault you committed, just the fact that a court saw fit to convict you of it.
  6. Different people have different was of interpreting this, should be an interesting one, thanks for your comments.

    the rehabilitation of offenders is an interesting topic!

    If I had put this guy in hopsital i would be getting the same rehabilitation period of 5 years as i got for a tweek of his arm! theres a big difference to common assult and battery to ABH or GBH.

    I lost my job over this, struggled with getin insurance with my business, can't get back into my previous skilled job for at least another 2 years, and now puts a spanner in my application to get back into the TA, how does this rehabilitate me? All this time I have continued to find other employment, not goin on the dole, just dunno why I bother.

    .... end of rant
  7. msr

    msr LE

    So you failed to think of the consequences before acting?
  8. Your right, I should of thought about it first.

    Hasn't anyone else failed to think of the consequences before acting or am i the minority in society. Also, it was so nice of the magistrate to give me such a large fine before I found myself being unable to work.

    This isn't Rehabilitation of Offenders it is punishment of Offenders, if they had wanted to Rehabilitate me I would of been offered an anger management course or similar, and my fine would of payed for it instead of it gonin on someones dole money or similar!!

    So Rehabilitation of Offenders is an arrse! :x
  9. msr

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  10. > if you continue to punnish you don't rehabilitate,

    > if you don't rehabilitate you get no where,

    whilse people still have these attitudes society will get no where and when you crimes goin up and up all people do is sit there and say:

    Well done!! Great work keep it up, you should be a magistrate

    But please don't take it personally, the goverment need to look at this because the current system does not work.

    editted cos i need rehab in being an arrse
  11. msr

    msr LE

    If you don't do the crime, you don't do the time.

    Stop blaming the system and everyone else.

    Man up and take responsibility for your actions.
  12. thankyou!

    I've took responsibility already,
    I've paid my fine,
    I never blammed anyone else, the victim or the system,
    I got another job that i could do with unspent convictions,
    I didn't go on the dole,
    I don't rob or steal from old ladies or anyone else,
    I had a bit of an anger problem,

    Also i have never blamed anyone else, I'm just saying the system doesn't work, do you really think the current system is so successful???

    Face up to facts, the exsiting rehabilitation of offenders act doesn't work. I'm not saying I wana get off, it just don't work

    Answer one question MSR, what would you do?

    A. Put the money into the goverments pockets, so it can pay for someones dole and drug money


    B. Send the offender of a rehab course, in my case anger management or similar, gettin me to pay for it and insiting i do it or other wise i get 6 months inside. Job done, offender sorted, offence would not reoccur.

    I would be interested in your response....
  13. msr

    msr LE

    Personally, I would stop biting on internet forums... :)
  14. msr, is that do nothing and hope it goes away (sounds like goverment policy)

    i was merly tryin to get a sensible debate goin, or have you run out of hot air???
  15. Mate, no-one cares. Get over it. You asked a question on getting in the TA, it got answered. You might not like the answer but there's nothing you or anyone on here can do to change it. If you want to discuss the criminal justice system in depth then the TA forum is not the place. Oh, and stop biting.