Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mackers_ire, Dec 20, 2007.

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  1. Just gettig some info for my brother, he has turned his life around and wants to join the army now, however he has had a couple of past convictions for possesion for personal use, and the only time of imprisionment was for several days for a money warrant.

    These are not spent (according to Rehab Act 1974) and was wondering if the BA would still consider accepting him?

    Any info greatly appreciated.
  2. Are the convictions spent?

    See if her can join the TA first and prove to them he has kicked the habit!
  3. Does he want to be an Airline Pilot, a steward, ground crew, admin or sales? British Airways have (so I believe) quite strict rules on Drug Abuse.
  4. I do believe convictions have to be "spent"
  5. msr

    msr LE

  6. Right, not having a dig at you in particular CB but will people stop telling scrotes and their ilk that the feckin' TA is some sort of lesser option than the Regs?! :x

    The exact same requirements are expected for joining the TA as the Regs.

    End of.
  7. Well said Devilish.
  8. When I was recruiting in Hull in the Mid 80's if anyone came in with an admission of conviction and had in the past taken drugs, IF they got in the door, we would often tell them to try the TAVR, if only to see what thier REAL committment was and to see IF they had made a change?
  9. Now fast forward 20 years and you have 2 side to an Army, one Regular, one part time. Welcome to the 21st Century.
  10. Entirely right in this case - we actually have less time to devote to righting the fundamentally or temporarily wrong - but where Arrse gets people saying "I'm not sure I want to" or "Do I want to be a soldier or an officer" - I think that suggesting the TA is a reasonable punt. It isn't a lesser moral option but it is a lesser commitment one - and somebody bugging off after three years (and a tour) to join reg is a success for us rather than a failure? (Says somebody who really couldn't afford to take the pay cut).
  11. Given they are supposed to be cracking down of ANY form of drug taking in the Army, over 750 a year been kicked out, in the past 12 months, in that alone it should tell you something.

    So any rerernce to drugs in the past would be taken as admission of weakness and to prove they have changed and stayed off the drugs, a stint in the TA, where it costs a whole lot less to train, would be AN option!

    Perhaps he would never be accepted?
  12. i think every case is looked at on an individual basis

    i joined with unspent convictions

    s47 ABH and s39 common assault

    i think as long as you declare them you'll be fine.
  13. Finished recruiting over a year ago and havent got current RI's on me with the up to date Rehabilitation of Offenders Act. I dont think this will come down to Spent or Spent Convictions because the Waiting Period for anyone who has been sent down to prison will mean he can never join. This may of changed slightly over the year so get your brother to go down to the ACIO and ask the recruiter to work it out on the rule to be sure.........take down any paperwork he has with dates etc. any current recruiters may be able to elaborate more as rules change all the time, but i fear not good news.
  14. I agree with that Idrach, where it gets up my goat is when people, for whatever reason, tell the cluster of 'I can't run 50 feet without throwing my guts up' or the 'I've got epilepsy, will they let me in' Brigade that they should "Try the TA" sh!te!
  15. devilish

    I hear what you say, but that is the way it was and I suggest still is, this thread is all about Crime and Drugs!

    To be "FRANK", I know what I would have said, IF I had still been in the job!