Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ADking, Oct 6, 2011.

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  1. Just been convicted of common assault, which is a minor offence.
    Got sentenced to 6 months community service, no custodial sentence etc. Only 17 years old so classed as a junior aswell.

    Question is,how will this effect the joining process for me?
  2. Oh look, this thread again. Hip hip hurray. :)
  3. I'm sure you classed as a adult at 17 for the purposes of a criminal conviction?
  4. Phone your local ACIO if you have already got an application in. (Phone them if you haven't either if you are thinking about it!)

    Most of us wait til we're in the Army to get our convictions :)

    Good luck and stop getting caught!!!
  5. It'll show your recruiter just how hard you are.
    Did you smash a woman or child in the grid by any chance?
  6. The biggest being Caught.:policecap:

    It also shows, that you are a total waste of rations & depending on who you assaulted,
    possibly a total throbber too!

    Your Knowledge of Camouflage & Escape & Evasion skills are non existant.

    The Army needs people that are clever enough not to get caught......That leaves you out!:nod:
  7. Yeah, try the Navy.
  8. pushed someone when pissed up, regret it wish it didnt happen but got to move one and deal with consequences.
    half way through my application now got selection still to do. tried ringing my recruiter, hes on leave and no one else was available to deal with me today.
  9. No, pushed a male and led him to being punched by someone else.
  10. You should be fine mate, i made mistakes at 16 and 17 i'm now 18 and looking at a start next month. You'll just have to get documents that say you have paid fines and to prove what you have said is the truth.
  11. I had a pretty similar conviction, got 3 months on tag.

    You should be absolutely fine as long as you're up front about it from the start, say it was a huge mistake, not normal behavior, want a fresh start in the army etc etc.

    I offered to get my criminal record from the Police just to prove it's my only offence. (which cost a tenner) so be warned they may ask you aswell.

    The only way it's a problem is if you have multiple convictions of a violent nature, or if you try to conceal it.
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  12. Don't tell them i say
    let them find out, you never know they might like you by the time they find out and let you serve on
    alternatively admit it all now and carry on washing beer pots for the rest of your life
  13. Cheers mate, ive just got court summary through which proves i paid the fine and obviously shows the charge. Its my only conviction and not my normal behaviour,
    Recruiter said I should be fine to go on after completing my sentence.
  14. You will be fine mate i got arrested for having a scrap and my recruiter said its fine.