Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by SCOUSASOILDA, Aug 8, 2010.

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  1. Hey People Was Just Wondering Whats the worst Type of conviction someone has had and joined ?? Also What Type Of Convictions bar you from entry
  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Unspent ones I would have thought, for starters.
  3. Murder, rape and sodomy are OK
    Speeding and refusing to pay your TV licence are completely unacceptable
  4. Go ask your recruiter but when i joined you were allowed upto 3 unspent convictions as long as they weren't drug related or worse.
  5. i have about 6 but all for pettey thefts
  6. Bearing in mind the current economic climate in civvy street, I would be very suprised if you were accepted. They can be more chosey at present, pick the better individuals with a 'clean sheet'.
  7. if im turned down by the british army can i do a 5 year stint in the French Foreign Leigion then come back for the regular british army
  8. A thieving Scouser? Whatever next?
  9. Scouse - so you have six convictions for theft. You fall into one of two categories, neither of which is regarded as being particularly desirable by the army.

    One: You were convicted six times, but have almost certainly done a great deal more thieving than you were ever caught for, or

    Two: You are a complete incompetent and were easily nicked every time you stepped out of line.

    Either way it's not looking good.

    And why were you thieving in the first place, was it because you were saving up for the deposit an Open University course or could it be that drugs had something to do with it?
  10. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah, but to be fair, if you are a thieving and dishonest cunt, its bound to catch you out there sooner or later too. And you are more likely to get your face rearraged with them than with our lot. Plus, gone are the days when criminals (on the run types I mean) can join the FFL with a new identity. French Intelligence checks more diligently now.
  11. No thanks scouse; we're full!
  12. Amended for accuracy.
  13. This is a WAH and I demand my ten pounds...
  14. Not another one of these threads of the 'Joining with convictions' nature, proposals to join FFL instead by some old hands, including train station details and dates for recruting? Why any army would accept anyone previously convicted for anything is beyond me. Anyone who wants any civvy job these days ought to have a clean record, why can't the same standards be applied to the armed forces?

    Oh I forget, we're paying peanuts and hence have to 'widen the search' to fill the ranks? What a feckin disgrace of an honorable profession.
  15. Try petty theft from your mates in the army and you'll get a punishment you won't believe. Even whilst it's happening.
    I wouldn't hold out too much for for acceptance in the mob but I wish you luck because I think you might just need it.