convictions maximum time aloud of sentance

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by twisted stig 69, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. hi i was turned away today after 18 months of hard work trying to join when i was younger i got into alot of shit and went to prison they sentanced me to 30 months that i done 13 months of i have been to prison 2 other times but for a quater or the time so please can somebody explain to me about the time peirod and how it all works
    thank u very much for all ur help
  2. Oh dear.....
    What a pity....
    Never mind......
  3. Where your convictions considered spent or unspent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act? Also, the nature of the offence(s) will be taken into consideration. Probably best not to say on a public forum, but what were your offence(s)? Most serious ones will be a bar to entry.
  4. I suspect you were turned away because you obviously have had little exposure to written English.
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  5. No English courses in clink?
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  6. @OP - see PM.
  7. If he's been to prison on 3 separate occasions and was sentenced to 30 months as a youth he must have committed a string of very serious offenses.

    Plus he clearly didn't take advantage of the education provided at the young offenders institute.
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  8. cheers lads lmao fair play come for some advice and it s like being back at school ........SORRY SIRS
  9. you did go then ? ( is this a wind up)
  10. yer i did go fella lol and no winde up ... just need some help on the way it works, i have read the law on it but need to understand how the army works it out....... confused as f?:k
  11. Serious head. Assuming this is not a wind up. As I understand it, the Services are shedding personnel hand over fist, many not to be replaced.
    If you were an employer, with a very large pool to choose from, where would you put your chances?
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  12. Educate me

    You read the law but can not write.. David Crystal would love you... he is a professor of something or other concerning the English language...
  13. I may be known for my out there ideas, but here's one. Why don't you ask the person that knocked you back?

    Fucking hell, that was hard.
  14. The recruiting office who turned you away will be the people best placed to answer your questions.
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  15. As your training if they accept you is going to involve quite a fair wedge of class room work then yes it's going to be very much like school, the difference being that gobbing off will earn you a place in the guard room. Raise your hands to an instructor and you will get a kicking, try and storm off in a childish rage and not co-operate - kicking and the guard room cell again.

    As you were quite clearly incapable of attending school the first time and learning to shut the fuck up and listen in class and that state of affairs is still quite clearly the case even though you are now a young adult then I would suggest you look elsewhere for a career.