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convictions help plz!

hi all i have read a few posts about convictions and i am just wondering,

i have an appointment this tuesday but before u go i would like 2 no

in the year 2008 i received a fine for breaking a car window and around the same time i received a caution for been drunk and disorderly,

i have just finished paying of my fine recently,

also i had a caution for a fight when i was 15-16

is there a chance i would be able 2 get into the army or am i wasting my time,

thanks 4 your help in advance.
Iv been out 5 years now

Jus been turned down for re-enlistment with 3 unspent cons

I hear 1 or 2 is not so bad, however with the rise in applicants the army can afford to be alot more fussy with who they take.

So in all fairness you should be aiming for none and an A grade at RSC or whatever its called now ADSC i think.

Good luck fella
If you have 1 or 2 unspent convictions when you apply they will not be held against you when you are graded, they are just observations.

The grading is based on the assessment of how good an applicant is and how much of a risk to train they would be, an A grade being a top quality applicant that would be no risk whatsoever, to a D grade that is just being used to keep the pot full but would be a potential training failure (until such time as they were reassessed and had improved of course).
Listen to fivetodo he knows his arrse from his elbow!!

And btw thanks for you advice on my deferral fivetodo, i followed it and hey presto!! Deferral lifted! :D

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