Convictions for theft.................

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by MerryDown, Dec 6, 2005.

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  1. A quick one,

    Would a 17 year old with a fresh conviction for theft get through the selection for the forces ?

    Does anyone know of anyone recently geting through, what regiment/post did they go for etc.......................

    any help would be appreciated.

    Merry (Notso)
  2. Merrydown.

    What did you take?

    Thieves are some of the lowest forms of life in the forces - there's nothing worse than having to work with someone you know is taking your or a mate's personal gear. If caught they will often find themselves on unofficial rehabilitation sessions involving the person who has had their rig stolen, a few friends and anyone else in the vicinity.

    However I have heard that there are certain times in the military when it becomes neccesary to practice some "long term reallocation" of other units/ships/stations belongings (Beer Trophies) by the means other than purchase.

    Have you thought about applying for: The King's Regiment (Liverpool) :D

  3. Unlike the Steroids question on another thread this has no happy ending from this callsign

    You've stolen, you've been caught and found guilty

    I f+cking hate thieves, people who steal anything!!!

    Block life would be ideal for you all those trusting "Oppo's" leaving their clobber around loafing

    Thieves make everyones life sh+t, knock the sh+t out of morale and are lower than low

    If you get in and carry on your evil habits which you undoubtably would and it will come to a sticky end,Negative roll mats


    I have know idea whether you'd be allowed in, if I worked in a recruiting office and you told me that you wouldn't make it past the first post, whatever policy was

    Did I mention I hate thieves


  4. Seriously go to the careers office and ask. You have to show you are not habitual. We have enough all ready in the mob, having done a stint on the DCM board fcuk me do we have enough.
  5. It used to be no more than 3 convictions to get in (obviously not ones like murder, arson, regiside etc) as long as you didnt get locked up you were ok, these include driving offences and tampering with small animals.
  6. I hate theives to, there are far too many in the forces already.

    Why would anyone want to recruit a known theiving bastard.

    The only time I actually did regret having to job someone was in a case where a Tpr from 15th/19th KRH had well and truely filled in a REME LCpl who had stolen something from his locker.

    The shit deserved every bit of pain he received. Unfortunately, the Tpr did a bit too much damage and was reported for GBH.
  7. We had a habitual thief on one of my squadrons. Everyone had a fair idea who it was so we unofficially allowed a honey trap. What followed was one of the worst beatings I have ever seen, culminating in the said thief's fingers being slammed in the rear door of a Spartan. Result - one very remorseful guy and a quick request for a posting. Job done. I do not condone such behaviour, but good god was it effective.
  8. We used to have a cigarette thief in our local pub, you would leave your fags on the side while playing pool and they would be liberated, this went on for a couple of weeks, so I took action, i had my suspicion who it was and when he was in the bar next I took three cigarettes and put them in a empty box, went to the toilet aand lovingly gave each one a wipe on my sweaty arrse, then returned to the bar and left them on the table, sure enough they walked, so after an hour or so I annouced to the pub what i had done and there was 1 very red faced chap who left the bar pronto!

    (please note it was cigarettes and not fags I wiped on my arrse. :oops:
  9. You surely must join the KINGOs they will welcome you into their fold with open arms. :lol: :lol:

  10. Unless you are an oxygen theif of course.
  11. Why don't you see if you can get on 'Bad Lad's Army' instead?
  12. "Any fingers (other than mine) found in my bergan, will remain there indefinitely, though no longer attached to their original owner!"

    If your "friend" can put his delinquent past behind him, fair enough, but thieves are not tolerated in the Army.

    Recidivists should consider an alternative career path, the Royal Mail perhaps.
  13. You're a theif and can't be trusted end of story. Your not wanted.
  14. While we are on the subject I know a young lad who is in the process of applying for the TA. He is worried that his drink driving conviction and a conviction for possession of an offensive weapon will exclude him.

    As far as I am aware he has been honest with the recruiting staff. Will he still be allowed to join? There are no convictions for any theft or dishonesty.
  15. There is a fair bit of theft in the army, which I found hard to believe, my son had his shoes stolen I know he had good taste but.....