Conviction :(

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by crazynutsx, Jun 15, 2009.

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  1. i have been in trouble with the police recently, i wont state and i will end up with a years driving ban.

    Would this stop me joining the TA and if not would i have to wait till my ban is over?

    Thanks for anyone that can help (please keep your responses constructive)
  2. Drink driving then? :roll:
  3. nope it was not
  4. Well do tell, there are so many different amounts of fun you can have in a car from parking tickets to driving one into the royal family - what did you get done for? This is an anonymous forum so don't shy.

    You may well get non-constructive answers; don't take them to heart. :)

    Edited to add; I nearly wrote my car off with Shortarms in the passenger seat in Germany - 3 miles an hour! :)
  5. ok i was over the limit i wasn't drunk tho sorry i no im a twat but could anyone help with regards to joining the TA and whether i have to wait to finish my ban!

    Please don't everyone start telling me i was wrong and could of killed sum one i no ive been dealt with and i am being punished
  6. So you were over the limit, but sober?
  7. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

  8. Drunks the new sober, didn't you know? :wink:
  9. The air bag never went off until we got back to camp if I remember? 8O
  10. They're always sober, don't you know; even the ones who can't get out of the car on their own.
  11. I've been called to a few that have exited the car faster than I ever could sober, taking the windscreen with them. They usually denied drinking too.
  12. Cobblestones - Took me a while too work out what happend; once the smoke cleared it was obvious - we were in a krap French car!
  13. You wont be able to join until your ban is up,

    See here for simillar:
  14. there is a difference between being drunk and being over the limit!

    Over the limit - had 1 to many units but dont act drunk or feel drunk in anyway, dont slur words

    Drunk - Slur words, cant stand up cant really do anything with out falling down

    but please guys help me out with the TA thing ? PLEASE

    rather then talking about drink!
  15. If you can't even admit you were drunk then you probably need treatment before you join up (then get involved in the heavy drinking 'culture' of the army.)