Convicted IRA Bomber arrested over Massereene murders of RE



Wonder if she'll do a bit of wall art while she's inside this time. I hear her Poo murals were very lifelike.
JoseyWales said:
1973, pair of cnuts.
The wee bitch was convicted in '73 for bombing the Old Bailey and murder. Hopefully the bitch will go on the blanket down in Antrim Serious Crime suite and the TSG will hammer the shite out of the cow.
Does seem in her case, "Once in, never out"
I hope she, or whomever is responsible, serves a significant amount of time in prison for these murders.
Dolours Price
realeased on compassionate grounds from prison..."suffering"? from anorexia-nervosa aah bless,
then married shyte actor Stevan Rea.....another reason not to watch any of the shyte he's in.

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