Convicted Gunman to receive £7K payout!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bullet_fixer_BDH, Jun 25, 2005.

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  1. Check out this BBC News Story.

    A convicted gunman who shot & paralysed a Policeman during an raid has been awarded £7,000 for a delayed decision regarding his prisoner status, which was apparently causing him "anxiety"!

    Outrageous!! :evil: :evil:

    The copper subsequently died, I bet this guy would be feeling more than "anxiety" if he came face to face with some of his victim's former collegues! :x :x
  2. I thought the law was supposed to have some relationship to natural justice? Seems I was wrong.....

    I can't imagine the hurt, anger and near-disbelief PC Olds' family must be feeling on hearing this :cry:
  3. Scum, should be a hanging offence - killing a police officer on duty.
  4. it was when the police man who committed sucide, it killed him.
    not the convicted gun man who shot and paralysed him

    i know this sounds really bad , but this is how the law see things which is out of date
    i feel really sorry for the poor policemans family
  5. If the Prison Service made sure that they were on top of their all accounts he was well over a review on his status as a prisoner, then he wouldn't have been in a position to have made his claim.

    The copper involved ended up paralysed after the incident. He later took an took an overdose and died. No doubt the poor man couldn't go on.

    It does make you think where is the natural justice, but as much as we sympathise wiith the lad who died, the prisoner's claim has nothing to do with the lad's death.

    On the face of it, the whole sorry incident is abhorent, but the media have boxed clever with their words for effect.

    I'm not sure what status the prisoner was, but either way, had the law done it's job, he'd have been told that he wouldn't walk the streets again, thereafter, his status wouldn't have mattered.
    But we've got a Human Rights act, which is so easily played upon by criminals and those who defend them.

    It's a crying shame for the lad who died and his family must feel that not only has the law let them down in it's weak sentencing of this individual (a Hells Angel and known criminal), it then kicked them in the guts by compensating him.

    The law is indeed an ass.
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    PC Old's family should sue the barsteward for every penny he has gained, had and may get in future. It is just a shame that the 'ordinary' people can't sue the f ucking lawyers who make this whole system possible.
  7. They should sue him. They could have his assetts frozen. It's been done before, but would doing so not just add to the family's agony.
  8. Justice what crimes are committed in your name.
    Ello Lawstudent you seem like a nice boy, got sum service in yet?
  9. Yet another example of the inverted morality that appears to be the norm these days. I find stories like this deeply worrying. It seems right is now wrong, and wrong is an excuse - fuelled (in the main) by lunatic Law Lords, who have absolutely no idea of the abject misery that many people live in, and by the perfidious law vultures that masquerade as champions for the opressed. All topped off with a sizable slab of EU madness that puts the needs of the individual far above the requirements of the many.

    I'm sick to the back teeth of the social cancer that is the Human Rights industry. I feel it is doing untold damage to a society that has evolved and (generally) found its own path over a millenium. It's turning logic on its head and it's the beginning of the end. The bureaucratic anarchy that the EU ultimately represents will be the eventual undoing of a social structure, that was, until recently, common sensical and relatively sane. I genuinely believe that this country is now irrepairably damaged, and I for one am not looking forward to the future.

    Frightened of Saffron Walden