Convict sues Executive over "embarrassing" phone warning

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Feb 9, 2007.

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  2. As the SNP comment implied, the real problem here is the availability of legal aid for civil cases of dubious merit. I thought allowing no win no fee was supposed to stop this.

    How much compensation do you think every jailbird in Scotland will get if, by some miracle, he wins?
  3. Easy solution.

    Take his phone calls away. Then his family won't have an 'emabarrassing reminder'.

    Maybe the warders should hold a knife to his throat and see if he feels his human rights have been infringed.

    Totally agree he should fund the case himself. Or another way to do it would be for him to study for a law degree whilst in the clink and represent himself.
  4. If I had my way the message would be "The person on the other end of this phone is a convict serving time for crimes against society, and therefore has no rights, no privelages and no chance of using a phone to contact the outside fact he/she is dead to you until said debt to scoiety is paid. Goodbye."

  5. Don't see the problem. His friend or relative only needs to say" Oh that was Stewart Potter - he is a friend/relative (delete as applicable) who is nearly as big a fcuking O2 thief as his fcuking lawyer Aidan O'Neill. He was just phoning up to tell me that he now realises the great majority of people in the Country are hacked off with slimeballs such as him and his lawyer and under the provisions of the new Anti-Parasite Legislation they are being taken out behind the sh1thouse and topped."! :frustrated:

    Rant Over

    I'm off to the Bar.
  6. They should take all these luxury's away from these convicts why should tax payers have to fund this .
    Its disgusting its like living in a hotel they get better treatment than there victims
  7. They are certainly living in better conditions than you, chubby.

    Having seen the pics of your slum, if I was you, you should try and get yourself banged up.

    Having said that, you should be sectioned under the Mental Health act for being a cunt.
  8. I was going to bite, but after working with scum like this for 12 years my 'give a fcuk o meter' seems to be u/s. Just another case of taxpayers money being used to ensure a prisoners rights are maitained whilke those of the victims are ignored. Yet another case of a lack of contact counselling...

    The only good bit of news in all of this was:

    Consecutive sentences are almost unheard of these days. Whether he wins this or not, he'll still not be out for a number of years :thumleft:
  9. Slightly off topic, but i like the way these coppers are opperating

  10. this is balls, gate arrests have been happening for years, these fcukers are well behind the rest :shakefist:

    but this did make me LMAO:

    catching? what, when they're already in prison!

    All 12 of them, what are the rest of the constabulary doing...eating do'hnuts?

    Or just picking on motorists...
  11. FFS mate give em a chance, it's Yorkshire... we only just got electric :cyclopsani:
  12. Its cases like these that make me wish we had the death penalty - if they'd hanged him he can't sue - & as for human rights - he should have none - hope he enjoys being a w@nker
  13. In a spirit of pure enquiry, I put this to you...

    What would happen if the government were just to ignore HRA rulings? I mean, if a judge said "this is unlawful", and the Home Office just turned around and said "So?", what would happen?

    I don't pretend to understand the details, but if I'm right, violations of the ECHR aren't crimes as such, so you can't be arrested for them.

    So what's to stop a hypothetical governement with balls giving penarses like this the finger?
  14. will rockape and arrse be sued by this fuckhead for reminding everyone what a violent bellend (and sensitive) he is. no doubts he would see this site as he will have internet , ps2 and all the rest of the stuff in his cell.
  15. I think this has already happened. Something to do with toilets in cells. The government pays regular fines rather than comply with the ruling. Bear in mind though - the cash goes straight back into the treasury coffers.