Converting You Tube Videos into a DVD

I would like to be able to transfer some amateur footage of Airshows from You Tube and make a mini compilation DVD to send to my father as he does not have a PC.

Is anyone aware of any software or a package that can transcribe or save You Tube Footage into a format that could be viewed on a standard home DVD.

I have managed to put a few of the kids photos and a bit of music together for my parents but would like to try to do this.

Any advice or links on how to do this would be appreciated.

Many thanks

There's a program called 'You Tube Downloader' which does what is says on the tin...

You'll have to make sure that the DVD you ultimately produce is able to be read by a DVD player.
Many thanks indeed Adj. I'll Google it straight away.

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ah here we go :

You need an s video and audio lead from Comet - about £30. Obviously DVD recorder will have an s video connection.

Connect S video and audio leads from comp to dvd.

Open Nvidia wizard (graphics card) and set to clone so you get PC replicated onto tv.

Select AV3 for input to TV. Start clip you wantto record allow a few secs for it load into buffer then stop. Move slider to start (This will prevent pauses in playing on you tube site)

Press record on DVDR then play on clip, tuck mose away in corner of screen.

When finished press pause on DVDR then repeat until you have all clips.

Change all settings back then edit disc in Nero recode or DVD shrink, removing all unwanted scenes etc.

Copy all above instructions to a book for future reference.

Job done :)
Use this program its free link: it offers option to convert to mpeg divx mp4 for mobiles saves to pc. how to use go to youtube and the clip you want cut&paste link in to the space on once you have all the clips then use a program called dvd santa add all clips, its idiot proof and then burn to dvd
You could also buy Real Player Plus (I use the free basic version which I like) which does this sort of thing without sweat, apparently.
Used vixynet - super :) also got a file converter program converts VOB AVI into WMV WMA etc. can now take clips from DVDs and put them into powerpoint
58 Pattern -
If I'm not mistaken Youtube get very upset with you nickin' their videos -
If you do get some software that does 'what it says on the tin'
I would be pleasantly suprised

I have a way to download and save youtube videos - it's long winded to explain if you've already found some other simple software.

PM me or drop me a post on here and I'll explain

Youtube keep re-writing the code for downloading so what works one week doesn't the next

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