Converting songs from itunes to Samsung Galaxy S3

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by Miner, Jan 9, 2013.

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    I've just swapped my iphone4 for a Samsung Galaxy S3 and want to convert the songs I've paid for on itunes onto my S3.

    Now I've searched the t'interweb and found this site which tells me how to do it. However, the DRM converter they advise to use is not free, and I begrudge paying the £27.96 they want just to strip some songs off of itunes.

    So can anyone point me in the right direction of a completely free DRM converter? I've used Google but I just get sites that will only allow you about 90seconds of listening on their "free trial".

    Or is there another way of doing this that is easier, bearing in mind that I'm a techno biff and have only just understood what DRM is?

    If I have to pay, then I'll have to pay. But I'm pissed off I have to pay to listen to music that I thought I'd already paid for. Bastard Apple.

    P.S. I did try searching for any related topics but I couldn't find any relevant answers.
  2. I need to do this as well. I'm sure there are apps in the google play store that do it when I had a quick look.
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  3. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Just use Google Music, it will find your itunes folder and do it all for you - simples!
  4. Thanks everyone for the help.

    After downloading umpteen bloody things that said they could do it, and then uninstalling them, I've managed to do it via Google Music - cheers Bad CO.

    Very easy-ish when you know how.
  5. although the vuze thingy is in no way used to download movies ;) .....
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  6. TBH, that confused the shit out of me. Have I mentioned I'm a techno biff?

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  7. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    My pleasure.

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