Converting and playing .flv files

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Divvy_Civvy, Apr 9, 2010.

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  1. I'm able to download .flv files but can't play them on anything, or convert them to wma or mpeg.

    Doe anyone know of any decent free software that can play them, convert them or both when I'm offline.
  2. Freecorder has a converter for those files, but it works from your browser window, so not sure about it working offline.
  3. GOM player will play most things
    And its free!!
  4. VLC media player will have a crack at playing pretty much anything
  5. Adobe Media Player will play them along with loads of other files such as shockwave. Free to download from the Adobe site
  6. have you tried using freedownload manager? Allows you to download in one format and convert to another. Pretty good programme... just google it and crack on.
  7. I use this Koyote product. Very simple to use and free.

    Koyote FLV Convert

    You can untick the Yahoo toolbar and Dealio options when you load the programme.
  8. vlc media is what i use and it works fine,
    your downloading ripped off porn arent you!!

    hope its got midgets,donkeys and whips :D