Conversion to type training

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Tiffpietiff, Apr 23, 2008.

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  1. Ok, quick question. During pilot training, in conversion to, are you assigned to the heli that you're going to get training and fly in, or is it choice?

    Sorry for the mongishness.
  2. Whichever's servicable..or do you mean can you choose what to fly at the end of your Pilots course prior to Conversion?
  3. Yes, the latter.

  4. Not much of a choice really. Depends on ability and what seats need to be filled. Lynx or Apache and to a lesser degree, Gazelle. There is rumour of fixed wing streaming in the near future.

    BTW, Yoda you write like. :roll:
  5. No not of true writing style, do you.

    Speak like this for the rest of your life, you must. Piss off your section while giving orders, you must. Lead to the dark side, this will.

  6. Try using that on a MATED brief and I feel your flying career may not require you to attend a CTT. :roll:
  7. As a boy in the ATC I really fancied joining the AAC. Not as much as I fancied joining the FAA but nearly as much.

    It looked great, you could fly around below treetop level in your TOW equipped Lynx AH9, occasionally setting down to go for a close recce with the motorbike in the back. You got a DPM flying suit and an SMG.

    When the Cold war went hot you would get to zoom about all over the battlefield spying out the Soviet armour with your mast mounted sight unit before popping up and blowing them to bits.

    I gather it wouldn't have panned out quite like that....

    For all its shortcomings, the Lynx in practically any variant is a fantastic looking aircraft. Even now I would love to fly in one....

    At 15 I discovered I had less than perfect colour vision so that bolloxed that career path.. :x
  8. I hate to shatter your schoolboy dream mate but Lynx Mk1 and 7 had TOW. The only thing the Mk9 can carry is soup and Menu B. Would love to have had a mast mounted sight too. :roll:

    In reality, if the Cold war went hot, the purpose of the Lynx was to slow down a couple of T64/72's for about 5 minutes prior to them moving their Vodka cabinet a little bit closer to Koln.

    Youre right though, its ace to fly. :D
  9. Clearly I was being facetious but what was the wheeled anti tank variant with mast mounted sight that was widely advertised as "the future lynx" back in the 1980s? I don't think I imagined it! (I didn't imagine the onboard dirtbike either!) ;)

  10. Lynx 3. Private venture by Wasteland. One built.

    Had a few minor problems;

    1. They put a 10 inch 'extension' into the fuselage just in front of the cabin door (actually, the pilots door was a lot wider) but it caused major handling problems. It was as stable as 'Charlie Bronson'.

    2. The mast mounted sight was just a dummy as Wasteland hadn't exactly worked out how to run the sighting system through the rotor head. (It never actually flew with it on).

    3. It was bollox.

    Apart from that, another top project from the hobbyists in Somerset. :wink:

    They tried to dress up the old Lynx hoping to secure export orders but they never got any. Hmmm. Groundhog day? :roll: MoD didnt want it because we had already been bitten by the version we were currently operating with poor servicability and cost.

    If they had done as asked for with the original Lynx years before, proper R&D could have gone into it and it would have been better than what we actually got. What we got was a great pilots aircraft but not terribly good at its job. Small cabin, a tail rotor they put on 'the wrong way round' and engines that had a fairly limited performance envolope.

  11. Best bit about the 1/7 was you could turf out the 6-man seat and get two click-click beds* in it, unlike the poor chicken-leg crews who had to rough-it on schemes.

    * - plus a shed-load of yellow handbags, to help insulate the happy campers from the cold.
  12. That's the bunny!
  13. No, that's a lynx. Lynx eat bunnies.