Conversion to Commando role

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Nigel, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. There is a lot of "argument" on rum ration with respect to 1 Rifles joining 3 Commando Brigade RM. Some RM comment that the older SNCO's and Officers could not be expected to get through AACC so it would take years to get the whole lot Commando qualified and CTC could not cope with a whole battalion anyway.
    I imagine 29 Commando Regiment and 95 Commando Regiment must have converted and had the same problem and I was wondering how they gt over it? I think I recall seeing somewhere they converted a battery at a time ? can anyone help?
  2. I dont see it being too much of an issue The Rifles may have to reshuffle men around the Battalions but i think on the whole the majority should pass the course.

    The point of the AACC is to train the all arms guys to the same infantry standards as a Royal Marine recruit when he passes out of CTC so I think thet allowances can be made and the course amended for the Rifles. It may be that they block book a course or put a platoon thru at a time.

    It will be a lengthy process for sure however the Paras managed it with their attached Inafntry Battalions and it will be a totally new enviroment for the Rifles but I am sure they will do just fine!
  3. I am sure there are several options available to convert a whole battalion to commandos. You would have thought that this would have been considered when they announced the formation change.

    I would guess at.

    Possibility 1. Train the whole Bn in one go. Run a 8 to 10 week conversion course from the CO to the youngest rifleman. Build up training, commando skills and have a final exercise which incorporates the commando tests. As they are all infantrymen anyway, your just adding new skills and making allowances for a different type of course, the pass rate should be fairly high. Failures probably limited to injuries only.

    Possibility 2. As above but company strength courses. Could be run by their own training wing which will have been brought up to speed by the RM.

    Possibility 3. Trickle training through RMTC. Very slow, would take some time to get the Bn through. Trained guys would be PVR’ing before the last man was trained. If you ever get to the last man. This would have to be an Infantry Commando Course (InfCC) rather than the AACC.

    The RM will soon get used to the fact that they will have lost the monopoly on Inf commandos.

    In reality I think it’s a pretty good move if they play it right. Good recruiting tool for the rifles. It will put them on Parr with the Para’s (no bite’s please) and if they really thought it through they should specialise other infantry battalions. ie A Scottish unit trained as Mountain specialists ect. If you can get the guys to feel special in some way it may have a positive impact on retention and it gives more stepping stones to SF service.
  4. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    I trained as infantry but changed careers and in my new career did the AACC.
    For me the non Commando test part of the course brushed up my infantry skills that had been pushed into the background in the intervening 3 years.
    I would think the course could be adjusted for the Rifles to be the tests plus additional instruction on the amphibious side of life.
  5. This was the challenge 20 Bty had to take on from 1989 onwards. It was a little different in that we were forming a new bty at the same time so the main priority was to establish the bty first whilst putting guys through the course at the same time.

    We did well and on more than a couple of courses the bty had more guys pass than either 29 or 59. On my course (4/91) there were 12 of us out of 34 that passed including a SSGT not far off 40. We also had several WO2s in their mid-late 30s pass with no problems at all.

    However, the requirement was to have a bty up and operational and eventually those that had completed the course had done so leaving the stragglers, the pressed men and the incapable. So then came the process of trying to attract Cdo volunteers alongside 29, 7 and 4/73. All competing for the good guys which understandably some regiments didn't want to lose.

    The thing is, the AACC is a volunteer course, the rifles are going to have problems if they try and press guys through it. No way are they going to get 100% Cdo trained, not unless the make it an all volunteer Bn. and recruit from the entire infantry arm.

    However, if they decide to run their own courses, albeit with help from CTC and Royal then by sticking to the core syllabus and tests without all the usual extra sh*t which made the AACC so hard in the first place then i'm sure they could get a good high percentage through.

    Chuffed to f**k if they do do it! Royal seems to have forgotten that the commandos were formed from and by the army! It'd be great to see a 'no.1 Commando' again
  6. When 148 Bty converted to the commando role early 1963, the whole battery went down en masse [including the sailors but not the Battery clerk or BQMS] to CTCRM and if I remember correctly, all passed. Most of us had done P coy and were para trained anyway.
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  9. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    On my course we had a chap about 40 who was going to be a BK, can't remember which Battery, & a Surgeon Commander who was drafted to CTC, I think he volunteered in the mess one night! Don't know how old he was but to a lad in his 20s looked ancient. Then again a WO1 from Log Regt only lasted half a day, fell off a rope & that was it, hospital!
  10. TA L/Bdr Wilf Shortt [rip] was well into his '40's doing his Commando course and did so well that he was awarded the Commando Medal!!.
    The amazing little man was still parachuting on exercise well into his late '50's.
    I suspect H&S and the modern day RAF would probably forbid it these days.
  11. If that was in the early 90s it could have been a guy from 20.

    As we're on the subject, have any more females passed the course since that first one a few years back that got her grid in the papers?

    and for that matter has the course changed any since the 90s?
  12. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    I'm much older than that! lol
    I think it was 7 or 79. Definately not 8 (I was with them), plus back then 148 was 95.

  13. LOL, ok. Perhaps you'd know Mad Mick F******n, formerly of the original 20 Cdo AO Bty (or whatever it was called in the 60s) and later RSM of 29
  14. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Bit early. Did my course in '74.
  15. you need one of the orignals from 8, 79 or 145 cdo whom recceived thier berets on 15th may 1962, hard men aden and kuwait then cdo cse in ammo boots. speak up lads maybe time for the tide to change.