Converse desert wellies

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by The_chimp, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys,
    Does anyone know where I can get the converse desert wellies with the zip in them. Preferably on line that delivers to BFPO, or a shop in the UK as I am on leave soon.
    Cheers dudes
    The Chimp

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  2. Converse do combat boots? Think I may have just got a semi!
    Sorry no idea try eBay?

    I do have a pair of these somewhere from my time in the Chilean desert.
  3. Ha Ha nice :-/ Tried Ebay and all I get is septic sites come up and they won't deliver to BFPO ......
  4. Have you tried them before? i wore them for 3 months and thought they were awful. Mt feet started falling to bits as well as the boots. Nearly as shit as those Oakley ones.
  5. Yep got a pair on now, and for me they are the most comfortable boots I have had. Had them coming up to 2 years now and they have done a fair bit - but now they need replacing.
    I won't even go there with the oakleys - great glasses but footwear nah .......
  6. Cheers Boris I'll give them a go
  7. Hell Coops. That is a seriously good price!!
  8. Bloody 'ell that is a good price will deffo try this one!!!!
  9. Why don't you just go back to the shop where you bought the ones which you are wearing? Or are you just plugging converse boots?
  10. I've had mine for around four years. Not sure if I'd trust the zipper for tabbing but they're cracking for quickly getting on for a sly pint. (Or three!)
  11. Ain't we the cynical fecker Mr Biscuits - unfortunately some of us don't have the luxury of sitting on our arses and throwing out smart arse comments as we are away working in different places that don't offer the niceties of life. If I could "go back to the shop where I bought them" do you think I would be on here asking where I could get them. Stop putting bone comments out there in the ether, it just makes you look like a tool -

    Thanks to those who have spent the time to try and help and not belittle a genuine call for assistance.

    Cheers Fellas