Convalescence facilities?

The media have, understandably, focused on those military personnel seriously wounded who have been treated at Selly Oak. But is there another problem? What about those less seriously wounded, but unable to remain with their unit? Are they meant to return to their parents for convalescence? For some then this might be fine, but many young soldiers might not be able to return home. I can imagine many servicemen who, after being wounded, might not need dedicated hospital care, but would need some help with convalescence. Also, if returning from Iraq etc I can imagine that returning home to their parents might be difficult for both child and parents and that they might be better in some sort of military convalescence hostel.

I got thinking about this because several years ago I had a minor operation, and was then sent home on leave to get better as it would not have been appropriate to remain with my unit. And whilst there I was wondering what would have happened if I had not been able to return to my parents…

For obvious security reasons I do not want details of locations etc, but rather would like to be reassured that such a system is in place.
I see where your coming from. Commonwealth Soldiers would be particuarly screwed on this one. Probably have to fester in a guardroom for months on end. There's only so much Band of Brothers a man can handle!
I have just discharged a couple of lads, and because of where they are in their training, they are being looked after full time in a place other than home. Looks like thry'll be there for a couple of months too as they are not allowed to weight bare.

One of them is South African, so even if he was allowed to go on sick leave, he cannot go back.

Not sure how much this exists else where.
If I remember correctly, when I was serving in an ATR, If we had cause to send a commonwealth recruit on an extended sick leave "somebody" perhaps in RHQ liaised with the relevant embassy. Efforts were then made to secure lodgings with a UK based family from his or her country of origin.

Not sure how it stands now but people further up the chain may be able to look into it.


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