Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Queensman, Sep 22, 2005.

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  1. The other day I heard of yet another quite promising full Colonel presently running an 'interesting' foriegn desk at Main Building, pulling up his sticks and jumping ship to this lot. A month earlier, quite by chance, I bumped into a fellow at a county show who was a Staff Captain at 11 Armd Bde when we were in Minden (early '90s), and, until just before our meeting, an ex-CO who had already made the leap.

    Are they actively recruiting/poaching? Have YOU been approached? What's the score? Will there be any talent left in the army to help Anthony Bliar prosecute his lunatic foriegn policies?
  2. I think you mean Control Risks. Along with Aegis (who are a bit warrier and used to be called "Executive Outcomes") they are probably the most credible players in the UK private security field (they call themselves a "Risk Consultancy"). They recruit, on the whole, quality people, offer good salaries and don't work to the endless rigmarole of politiking and paperwork you'll find in other large public sector organisations or HM Forces.


    They will poach quality people through an informal network of like-minded folk.

  3. Tim Spicer took a few of the old 11 Bde staff to form his business. War on terror has been good for him. Executive Outcomes is a name associated with disgraced mercenaries in Sierra Leone and Papuan New Guinea. Aegis is the lead contractor for private security contracts in Iraq. No connection there ;)
  4. They are a very impressive outfit and have people from all kinds of backgrounds not just the Hereford Gun Club. The cash is possibly more attractive than waiting for an army pension and I dont think anyone goes into it without being conscious of the risks. They are nowhere near as aggressive as the yanks or south africans and prefer to keep a lower profile.

    Veg I think you mean Erinys
  5. How did EO disgrace themselves in Sierra Leone?
  6. Weren't they they oufit running a heli gunship piloted by a mad Saffa strafing villages etc
  7. Yup, that would be Neil Ellis and Fred (Marafuno?) they did some amazing work out there in a beaten up old Hind. They also played a major role in the rescue of the paddy rangers.
  8. Recently read "Operation Barras" by William Fowler. Interesting read and I don't think the author would agree EO disgraced themselves in Sierra Leone. Weren't they working for the government? I thought everything was going well until Robin Cook decided "mercenary = bad" regardless of circumstances.

    What did EO do in the rescue of the R IRISH?

  9. Neall Ellis and the heli provided Fire Sp mostly and "clean up" any of the militia/WSB who had been involved and tried to leg it over after the rescue. The clean up went on for some time
  10. Control Risks Group (CRG) are amongst the most respected in the business. If you encounter them on the ground, I think you'll find them pretty damm impressive. As for quality people being poached, it doesn't work that way mate, people come to them - not the other way around.
  11., not quite. The OB net is alive and kicking. Good for them; at executive levels it's a nice earner pre-retirement, and at operator and management the same applies, if on the sticker parts of the globe. (Edit: :D ...even if the company slices a v. large wodge of your daily rate from you. Lesson: go it alone at those levels.)