Controlled Det - Parliament Sq

Nope definitely not.

I wouldn't normally post this stuff, but a controlled det nowadays is relatively rare. Plod have been very twitchy for the last few days about sus packages (5 alerts in 4 days is rare), accompanied by the Boxheads who were nicked last night in Dover and things are looking a touch warm at the moment!
So nothing happened?

So there was nothing there? Twice?
Aye, but there will be copious column inches devoted to this non story instead of the economy going tits and Greece finally gone tits and quite probably taking the Euro with it,.
That's right smartarse. Now tell me when the last controlled detonation of a suspect package took place in London.
About once a week mongo!!! (Edited to add) At the very ****ing least! Where do you live, Pluto?

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