Control of my own start date?

Just submitted an application. Assuming that I was to make it through all the screening phases, and made an offer of employment, would I have any control over the date I start basic training?

I currently have some loose ends to tie up like a long notice period on my job, and the tenancy on my house. I can't start serving notice on these things until I know I've managed to get an offer of employment.

If I remember correctly, from my nipper's application a couple of years ago, the Army manning people will look at when the phase 2 training for your chosen particular trade is next due to start and count back 14 weeks (the duration of phase 1) to the next available intake. They may give you a week or so leave in between the two due to dates etc. but it is possible, like my nipper, to pass out of basic on the Friday and start at your phase 2 the following Monday.
Nowadays there is quite a gap between acceptance and start date. I should imagine there'd be plenty of time to give your notice and they also ask how much notice you have to give in your present job.


ATR Pirbright as other ATR's are assessing the current situation, did hear yesterday that those in training would finish but without a full passing out parade in front of family/friends but the situation is changing daily at the moment.

Speculation is some Units not required for CV19 duties would be stood down but on 24/48 hrs notice?
Just had a call with someone from the recruiting office who has booked my phone medical for early next week, so looks like all the initial admin stages are still taking place.

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